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Looking For Quality Guild

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I made a post very similar to this once upon a time but am reopening my search.


As far as what defines quality for me, I am not exactly sure at this point but I am more curious as to what people have to offer as far as their posts and what not goes, while I appreciate everyone and anyone that reads this just make sure you read the information below I am going to put that describes me to make sure were compatible, even if you are a little unsure I would rather you post and me be interested than you see one thing and assume it wouldn't work.

I am a pretty big try hard in every sense of the word, sadly there is typically a stigma attached with that term but I try really hard in every game I play, I don't really enjoy being average or mediocre, I play to be competitive and that does not mean I think I don't make mistakes because I will be the first one to call myself out I appreciate being surrounded with people who also make a genuine effort to play well. I have a pretty long history of success in team oriented content in games. in WOW which is the most longest/most recent game I have been playing I achieved Gladiator twice and have finished multiple tiers of raiding top 10 US (One kill was world first!) and for those familiar with WoW held #1 US Times for a couple of the CM dugneons. while WoW and PvE aren't really applicable to this kind of game this is just kind of a testament that I can work well in group scenarios. I'm from the east coast but to be quite honest my play hours are pretty all over the place, if I end up attached to the game I will play a lot so realistically unless your prime operation hours are from 7-4 chances are it will work out. I tend to play the more support oriented roles. Will be a part of alpha 1.

and even though the paragraph above is honestly pretty silly as far as making myself look like someone whose super serious, I am aware it is a game and the end goal is to have fun.  :) I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read this and any replies or responses even more, I look forward to playing with all of you once the game launches.

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Hey the fact that you achieved gladiator twice is a great start... Someone with your level of skill should take your time to find a great competitive guild though...  Don't jump in too fast, there's plenty of time til the game launches.

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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I feel like most of the guilds that match what you're looking for are recruiting based on reputation right now. If you're not currently in the test, you should probably get yourself a testing package and make a name for yourself that way. Other than that, being active on the forums will let people know if you're right for them.

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Dear Sellin,


Good on you!!


I appreciate someone who takes the time to explain their hopes and desires.  You entering a guild is the start of a new relationship and that has to be fostered and cared for from both ends.  So taking the time to explain your side of that is a great start imho.


I think Serrated would fit most of your requirements and would invite you to take a look.  Regardless all the best and any questions please just ask.




Take care,



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