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The entire livestream is available to skip through at your leisure as a video on demand on twitch [for a min of 14 days]




Jump to a time manually or by a link like so:



0m to 26m
Travian international Partner (EU, Brazil etc)


26m53s to 58m45s

‘Cooking with Dogget’ (Myrm model animation – dogget = senior animator)


1h13m to 1h56m30s
John o’neil (envinorment) Steven Wyckoff (programmer)
Graphics upgrade and world building process
First time showing a seamless large scale world.


2h03m45s to 2h32m15s

Castle building process with Melissa Preston (Art Director)


2h32m15s to 3h

Raph Koster (Game design consultant) and Gordon Walton (Executive Producer)
Biographical questions.


3h08m10s to 3h59m

Dave Greco (Art Lead)
Sketching the frostweaver


3h59m to 4h23m30s

Travian partner
Lars Jannssen (Travian - CEO)
Jess Mulligan (Travian - Director of Publishing)


4h23m30s to 4h27m35s

SURPRISE WHISKEY WHEEL GUESTS! Shroud of the Avatar team

Now every $500 raised – the wheel of drinking will spin!


4h31m to 5h2m12s

Billy Garretsen (UX Design lead)

Illustration – The MYRM poster.


5h12m30s to 6h00m08s

Thomas Blair (Design lead)

Showing how powers are made with the Myrm (bullrush, berserk, ‘fury’ resource tease)

6h00m08s to 6h05m45s



6h05m45s to 06h30m50s

Mark Halash (Senior game designer) and Thomas Blair (Design lead)

Combat disciplines preview




planning for "50 of each discipline type - e.g. 50 combat, 50 exploration, 50 crafting!"


06h33m06 to 06h36m


And talk with Max the production intern


06h36m to 07h02m07s

Steven Wyckoff (Senior programmer)
Playing against the testers (lego)


07h03m to 07h10m40s

Valerie Massey a.k.a. Pann (Director of community) and Jonathan Pollard (Game designer)

Nocturnal Demise sent them crow desserts!


07h10m40s to 0731m15s

Mark Halash (Senior game designer) and Thomas Blair (Design lead)

Merchant pack pig stream stretch goal

Exploration and Crafting disciplines preview








07h31m34s to 07h59m40s

Valerie Massey a.k.a. Pann (Director of community) and Todd Coleman (Creative director)

Todd interview


08h09m37s to 08h14m

More drunk Todd.


08h14m to 08h31m25s

Thomas Blair (Design lead) and Raph Koster (Game design consultant)

Harvesting and points of interest


08h35m31s to 09h02m05s

Mike Mcshaffry “Mrmike” (Principal engineer) and Jason Hewes (spelling? - “tech gizmo worker”)

Performance technology demo


09h02m10s to 09h12m25s

Dave greco, Melissa Preston, The Dogget, Billy Garretsen.

Behind the scenes: Harvesting video
And bloopers.


09h18m28s to 09h36m20s

Billy Garretsen (UX Design lead)

World creation

(swimming confirmed...just not underwater!)


09h41m07s to 10h00m50s

Eric Hart (Character artist)

Texturing (myrm axes)


10h01m55s to 10h31m20s

Thomas Blair (Design lead)
Todd Coleman (Creative director) [now on coffee and 7 alcohol drinks]
Raph Koster (Game design consultant)

Many interns!


Intern introductions

Developer Q&A


- forgemaster?
(“stationary pets” turrets engineer wall stuff)

- ek/campaigns import/exports?

- old character model resuse?

- skill calculator?
“maybe...but...wonderful to go let the community do better :P

- how close to adding crafting to the game?
“close...by end of summer”
“next time in SP: ballistas and building catapults”
also talking about food and hunger etc – “getting it to work...not getting it fun yet”


- guild name lengths?

“to be decided...possibly both long and short versions”


- vessel system work?
“soon...hopefully end of summer...centralized server...migrating skills to account”


- underground caves?

“maybe...probably not for launch...many design issues”


- stealth plans?

“pushed twice now….world took priority...press a button go into stealth get a different power tray...immune to client side hacks for stealth server tech system”

- SP ballistra when?



10h35m19s to 11h01m02s

Greg Tapper (VFX artist)

guest appearance hug from Dogget THE CROW!


Preview of building siege weapons in siege perilous as a player.

The ballista. Scatter storm. Rallying banner.
How the graphics effects are made.


11h01m40s to 11h08m08

Andy cook (Senior animator)
Introduction and talk. Misc drinking.

$8,000 stretch goal reached (merchant pack pig)


11h08m11s to 11h10m01s

Thomas Blair (Design lead)

Kitten(s)! PEEWEE.
New stretch goal: The archer’s / ranger tower. $10,000 target.


11h10m01s to 11h44m10s

Thomas Blair (Design lead)

Playtest (druid)


11h44m10s to 11h52m57s

Close to end of stream and pledge goal.

Gordon, Todd, Dogget.

Finally wheel landed on Gordon!

$10,000 pledge goal reached (ranger/archer tower)
Group thanks and goodbye.

Closing with tiger chat video.

Edited by Tinnis
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i hope they compile all the information / bits into articles or youtube sections themselves personally


(give us a drunk compilation too!) 


also @ACE - check the VOD won't disappear after 14 days!

Edited by Tinnis
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The page could not be found, or has been deleted by its owner.


thats all i get when i try to load it.

Would be cool if someone could upload it to youtube like each sektion of the livestream as a seperate vid if uploading it together is to mutch.


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