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Sims of the mad crow


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One day, the mad crow woke up in his EK, plagued by the hunger.

Stumbling outside an eerie silence made him feel uncomfortable,

there was no hammering on the forge, no carts rolling over the pavement.

His vessel was getting hungry, the only thing he heard was his own stomach grumbling.


Quickly he realized he had been left behind, the streets and buildings were empty,

the ranger tower was unmanned and crumbling, as if the hunger had swallowed it all. 

But he had no time to worry about that now.

Hunger was coming, and if there were no crafters left to create him a new vessel,

he had to make sure this one would stay alive, at least long enough to create a spare vessel.


The mad crow ran to the fields, but all of them were as barren and damaged as the buildings.

Recomposing himself, he headed out into the wilds, fighting of creatures who might

as well have been crows before he went to sleep. The idea briefly made him shiver as he

started gathering organs from the bodies. Along the way he managed to find some wild crops,

appeasing his vessels hunger for now.


Passing a ruin on his way back, he noticed a thrall, which he luckily managed to capture.

Back at his home, he would try to bind the thrall to a building, only to realize that

all buildings seemed to have lost the magic that made this possible.


Desperate at this point, the mad crow added a binding stone to the spare vessel he had just crafted,

and tried to bind the thrall into the vessel itself, hoping it could provide him with answers of what

had come to pass. And by wonder, his crazy idea worked, the thrall got bound and animated the vessel.

Alas, the thrall had no answers as to what had come to pass, but offered his servitude as they always had done.


No matter, the mad crow gave the thrall a couple seeds and sent it to the least damaged field.

After sharpening his axes and tools, he set out to gather more organs, hoping to find more thralls,

determined to rebuild what the hunger had never taken from him before : his EK.

Dear ace, it was wrong of me to feel scammed, as time goes by, I realize that more and more. Thank you for letting me sell my account!

-a very satisfied customer-

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