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Environments: What a wonderful world! - Official discussion thread

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I am glad you guys are taking the time to go back through the parcels and polish them manually.  It makes it that much better.  I used to play a game called SpinTires and on the map editor I could paint a whole bunch of environment pieces such as trees and bushes, but to make the trail look like a trail and environment to actually look like a real environment I had to spend hours going through each trail and adding details to make it that much more immersive and it was a lot of work.  I am happy to hear you guys are doing the same, keep up the good work.

It's amazing what you can do with splatmaps and procedural vegetation and terrain generation.  There are tools out there that when you give it a slope of 3 degrees vs 15 degrees it will paint the terrain a different way, and then depending on which texture is used for the terrain you can fill it in with different vegetation.  It takes a while to create all the parameters, but once done, it really only takes a few minutes to create a detailed 2000mx2000m world, once the parameters are dialed in.


I also was amazed at all of their progress on the world systems.


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Got to say I like the art style of this game a lot. As long as the art team keeps up on the variety of parcels , the game should look pretty amazing come release - but of course variety is the key to that happening.



keep it up.


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I don't usually pay too much attention to graphics in MMO's, they are right down near the bottom of my list in terms of things I care about. That said, these screenshots look great, I'm impressed.


+1 ACE

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