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Redirect to https://crowfall.com/en/travian/?travian after i accept the agreement

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chrome and edge don't seem to have the issue here...


not that it helps you much...

Dear ace, it was wrong of me to feel scammed, as time goes by, I realize that more and more. Thank you for letting me sell my account!

-a very satisfied customer-

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Hi to all!

I have the same issue, I've tried with Firefox and with IE.



Edit: Today, 08/nov the problem is solved, the Travian agreement page is gone.

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Winter is Coming... and Crows are Falling...

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Also having the same problem.


Clicking Accept or Decline does nothing useful, comepletely hijacks the website and makes it incapable of being used. Big problemo since I was hoping to participate in the test tomorrow but I can't even click on any page on the website without being Hijacked to a Travian Accept/Decline page that doesn't work.


Edit: Seems to be working now.

Edited by potatomcwhiskey
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