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Ikmc - N° 1 Italian Guild


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The "I Know My Chickens" clan born with Darkfall in 2009. The result of the merger of several Italian players voted to pvp, the IKMC, impose themselves with an aggressive policy aimed at fighting and never sparing. The result was a success.
The clan has been looking for a while for a good game and we are sure that will find in Crowfall a place where to focus our full potential.

For any infos http://www.ikmc.org/
Cy on the battlefield - EU SERVER


Edited by WarDog


WarDog - IKMC Leader


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Hey Chickens :D Missing the good times and fights we had in DF, maybe we'll see each other again in this game(feels like at least a few years down the line however, if at all).

Officer of The BlackHand Order

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You dare challenge Jozza to number one italian guild?


I don't think they know Jozza, they didn't play Shadowbane

Se un uomo non è disposto a lottare per le proprie idee, o le sue idee non valgono nulla o non vale nulla lui. EZRA POUND



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