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Veteran strategist looking for Guild [EU]

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Greetings my friends, 


my name is the big cheeked giant, and I came to you because I am looking for a guild! Not any sort of guild, a solid one that is well organized.


So first up, a little bit of information about myself; I am 28 years old and currently living in Germany. The reason I consider myself a veteran strategist is simple, I spend years playing games where strategy and big scale fights were part of my daily gameplay. I started with Planetside 1 where I got my first taste of big scale fights and where I did fall in love with it.


Afterwards I went over to Guild Wars 2 where I played as an EU-Time Commander on the NA Servers, in those years I developed a liking for coming up with all types of strategies short term and long term once. During off-times I jumped back and forth between PS2 and GW2, till I ended up in AA for a short while. Latest work I done as a strategist is for one of the current top BDO Guild in Europe (work Examples can be provided).


So that all sad to sum it up, here is what I can do and what I am good at:

  • Gathering all kinds of information
  • Process Information into forum form
  • Analysing guild relevant information  
  • Creating strategies for long term situations as well as short term once
  • Providing advice for commanders
  • Providing advice for political situations
  • Acting as commander

So the last selling point I have for myself is the years of experience I bring with me. Over 5 years actively playing the part of gvg and pvp focused guilds have taught me a lot. Also being a WoW 10 year vet. I am able to stick with something if certain things are met. So here is what I am looking for in a Crowfall guild:

  • Well organized Guild, not just one Guildmaster who decides everything
  • Actively recruiting! Not just in the beginning
  • Wish to be a top Guild
  • Being able to handle large amount of Members
  • A Guild that can make smart decisions and doesn’t feel the need to flame every other guild
  • Wish to be respected in the Community
  • Being able to do the work that is needed

Well I know Crowfall is still far away, but I would like to find a guild with the right fit for me soon. Because I want to get to work when it comes to relations to other guilds, setting up guild rosters and all other kinds of preparations needed to have a good start when the game launches.

If any guildmaster like what he read feel free to contact me anyway you see fit, I am happy to answer any sort of questions.




The Big Cheeked Giant





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BCGiant if you find a guild that fits your desciption could you give me the name?


Im smilar to you with 15 years GvG exp in games like Ragnarok online, PS2, GW2 and BDO ( that game is dead for me now) but mostly in the advisor position. Im not the type to command myself. 

Its sadly been years that i had a guild that was willing to practise Formations and group movement etc as well as doing more of a strat then trying to crush the enemy with a zerg :unsure:



Thanks in  advance




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@Xenotor sure can do.


Currently i am just talking to a few guilds, a lot have contacted me as soon as i posted. I am getting used to the game at the moment while taking nodes on certain mechanics that seem important to me, i will push this post as in a few month to see which guild is still activ and to see if anything changed from my current talks with several guild leaders. Right now everybody is planning ahead, but for me there are still alot of uncertainties that come into picking the right guild for me atm.



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