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The End of a Journey

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Greetings my Friends,


the name I go by is the big cheeked giant. I have been playing mmorpgs since the early days of everquest, with all sorts of players and guilds. Back then I had a feeling of adventure while playing those games, which was the best experience I could have wished for. This feeling brought me to World of Warcraft like so many others. Since the late days of classic that feeling was pushed aside by a need to be a progress Raider. This in the end was the cause for the beginning of my Journey!


That need to feel like I am having an adventure with friends drove me away form World of Warcraft and always brought me back to it. On my Journey I visited games like SWTOR, Wildstar and all other big games the last 10 years. The biggest success I had in recreating this sort of feeling was when I acted as strategist for big guilds and Clans in games like GW2 or Planetside 2.  I was able to come up with ways to get to our goal. That feeling got me going again, so I became a commander in GW2, Platoon leader in PS2 and so forth. But it still wasn’t the same feeling as when my journey started, so I kept searching after a few years I went to AA, which in the beginning was fun but ended up also not being able to fill that spot. I don’t know what it was, but none of the games could really recreate what I was searching for, the only way I kept myself interested in mmorpgs was always going back to Wow.  I ended up with Black Desert which also was something in the beginning, but became quit repetitive after a few month which made me lose all hope.


Then a viewer of mine told me about this game called “Crowfall” and that it was like GOT meets Risk. So I started looking into it more and more, and day after day I got excited. Every time something new got posted I could wait to read about it, I started to save money to buy the biggest founder package I could.


So now it is time that my journey comes to an end. Even if Crowfall isn’t what I am looking for, I never had more hope in a game then I have now. So 10 years of raiding, commanding and strategizing will serve me well when I start this last part of my never ending gaming Journey and maybe my search for a true adventure ends here and now.

So bring it on, Scream loud, Bash your heads against each other, fight to your hearts content and raise your beer mugs to the roof after your done.




The Big Cheeked Giant









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Welcome, fellow traveller, glad you found your way here. I wish you - all of us - that this will indeed be what we were/ are searching for!

Read your post and was all like....yeah, those are exactly my feelings!


PS: ein herzliches Willkommen auch exklusiv von der deutschen Community ;p  würde mich freuen wenn du auch mal bei uns auf dem TS vorbeischaust - klick einfach auf meine Signatur, dann findest du uns! (jaja ich weiß, Schleichwerbung frontal xD) - freu mich drauf mit dir zu quatschen :)

Let me sing you a song / Of a world that just vanished / Of a story that ended to soon
Let me bring you a cup / Make a toast to the living / And a toast to the legends we share

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Ive played all of the games you listed. Many of them were enjoyable for awhile, but always lacked something on the end of pvp. Here's to hoping crowfall can execute their vision. Welcome to the community!

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