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Currencies during Checkout

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So Yesterday I finally bought Crowfall, but the currency indication during checkout was very confusing and shocking to put it mildly, due to it showing a € in front of price and a DKK behind it, this coupled with the fact that very very few online games actually charge Danish ppl in DKK, but usually go for € for us even too, made me believe the listed prices were in fact in €, and thus I thought you were charging €300 in taxes(though it was in fact 300 DKK(about €40)), quite an outrageous amount (about 1½ time the price of the actual package I was buying).
I almost ended up not buying the game because of that in fact, only after calming down a bit and doing some math on it, I figured out the price must be listed in DKK in fact. I would in fact not be surprised if you have lost sales due to this bug/oversight, since you get a lot higher number when converting from € to DKK, this makes it look like your prices are massively inflated, compared to what they actually are

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Thanks for this, and I'm having it looked at now, and will post here later when we get this fixed to remove the Euro signs!


We've struggled with our current payments vendor, as we'd much prefer to be offering VAT-included pricing in your local currency for all our EU customers.  One of the major benefits of partnering with Travian Games will be that we are transitioning to their payments system in Europe so that these kind of issues are not something that confront potential (and current) customers.  We hope to have this in place during this Fall.


Again, my apologies for this experience!

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