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Merchant-thoughts about EKs : Distance and Diplomacy

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there are some things that I don't understand with EKs, and I know nothing is set in stone for ACE but if there are some elements of answers for my questions i'd be happy to hear them. 


This thread may be a bit cross-topic and written in bad english so sorry in advance


1° Is a player's EK "physically" linked to other players' EKs ?

To put it differently, is there a "real" distance between EKs ? Would it take time to go from EK-A to EK-B, or are they only spiritually linked (like you can fast travel between them) ?


2° Will that distance be factored in as a trade parametre ?

In Travian (good partner btw) there is a player-driven economy where ressources, when traded, take time to be delivered depending on the distance between the 2 trade partners. I was wondering if it would be the same for Crowfall. 


3° Will there be an auction house or will every trade be done directly between players ?

Ex : I need 500 iron ore for a sword, I go see my neighboor -> "Do you have iron ? - No - Ok, bye"-> Go see other neighboor (and so on)


4° Will distance influence visibility ? (if distance exists)

In an auction house, will closer trade offers be more visible than other (farther) offers in the "possible trades list" 


All of these questions accumulate in a big conclusion for me :

If distance between EKs exists, it will change a lot of things on how we think about EK management and diplomacy (and Travian is a good example for that). Ex : You form an alliance with the people close to you in the EK, because trades will be quicker that way + their success in CW means a flourishing alliance, EK and region. That way you think more about alliances on a spatial level (with people close to you) than on a friendship level (with people you met IRL or in CW and had fun with). Whatever the direction ACE choses, I think the question is worth asking (I myself prefer spatial as it makes the game more strategy-oriented).


Any thoughts on the subject ? Would you think distance between EKs is a good thing ?

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im not sure on the question with distance and so on, i think, its not clear till now... but on #3: there will be no auction houses (at least not planned). some players will have much more active EKs than others and there will be some kind of EK-finder, where those will write things like 'active market, selling lots of stuff'


i guess, there will be fast travel between EKs, therefore no neighbors, but i'm not sure on this.

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1. I believe in the 12hr live stream, they talked about trying to allow for EKs to be linked together.  My theory is that if you aren't linked together, then there will be some type of portal between EKs, so you can visit etc.


2. Good will be transported by players themselves, using pack animals (for larger hauls) or their person (for things that can fit in a personal inventory).  I would imagine that we will see some type guilds form like Red Frog Freight in EvE.  Trading will be done face to face, according to what we know now.


4. I don't think that distance will influence EK visibility in the EK finder; however distance could be an influence if several EKs are joined together and you want a 1 stop shopping experience.


From here below is pure speculation:

I'm not sure how the EKs will actually play out, but here's my best theory.  Each EK, which is player specific, will exist as an individual EK, never needing to be linked to any other land mass.  These personal EKs will exist as separate scenes inside the game, and reside on servers that house x number of EKs.  If/when players want to join their EKs with other people, the master server will create one scene from multiple EKs and then pass off information from the EKs as goods/players are transported across those imaginary lines that separate the individual EKs.  So in theory you could have 2 EKs right next to one another, but existing on totally separate physical servers.


This is part of the reason I believe that ACE went with AWS because servers can be spun up or down on the fly, allowing 1 server to track the terrains, and other servers to track the players and goods.  If they can get their code to work properly, as I understand it from the livestream, then they in theory could have all EKs linked together as one mass planetary environment.  Or they can infinitely scale up/down their world sizes for campaigns.


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