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Fully mappable hotkeys

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I was wondering if or when more complete key remapping is planned. The hotkey selection is currently extremely limited.


I would basically rebind all my skills to keys closest to my movement keys which are always ESDF (a better version of WASD). I simply cannot with any proficiency quickly hit number keys. I would also have an alternate run key on my mouse which I think is possible now although I have not tried it.


Basically, it should be possible to rebind anything you want! The key a skill is mapped to should show on the UI. I'm assuming alternate weapon skill bars will be hard bound to the same keys. This means we should be able to move skills around on the skill bar (not sure if this is currently possible). That's about all I can think of now.

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We've asked for this for a while. This and the loot bugs would be great quality of life improvements for the testers. 


I just don't see any reason that every player must use a preset series of keystrokes defined in development in order to trigger combos (since we've got to have combos). Why not allow us to assign those buttons to any key or mouse button? Certainly seems needlessly bland and restrictive.


Same for movement. If I want to use the RMB to move and reassign the "scoot," why not bake that ability in? Having to use software to make up for the absence of keymapping blows.

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They have made it clear keymapping is coming. In fact, it's here, kind of. It just isn't very robust or functional.


Assuming (hoping) they aren't finished with keymapping, Its an item I think would be worth advancing because it will help the testers a lot going forward. This type of thing makes sense to push to the front of the line IMO. If its got to be done regardless, why not do it at a time that makes the testing better rather than saving it for after the testing is further along?

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I will mention here because it goes along with key binding.  Please take away the "alt" to transform to mouse mode for players that end up moving with a mouse.  When we start switching forward run to say the RMB, I don't want to have to use "alt" to get into mouse mode.  Look at how Overwatch does their movement system (not skill system); they use WASD for base movements, but I can rebind my RMB for forward.  It should then just be a simple amount of code that tells the cursor to disappear when you are moving, that way the cursor is always up and we never have to enter into "alt" mode.  Using both LMB and RMB together to move forward would solve the problem of having to even use "alt", because if only LMB is pushed you wouldn't be moving forward (remember it would require LMB & RMB together), and then would be able to be used for clicking/dragging, and the same for RMB, it could be used to right click items into inventory.


Speaking of inventory or character dolls; why can't we leave the character dolls open while we are running?  I like to look at character information on the move, but we are forced to stop and not move in order to view inventory/character panel/skills.


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Just to reiterate, a robust custom hotkey system should be a priority for ACE. For me, and I'm sure many others, being unable to extract the most out of a class means my feedback on that class will be always be flawed. I never developed the muscle memory to snatch number keys quickly, actually I was never much of a typist. I formed my preferences in the days of Quake 1-3 where my weapons (skills in this game) were always located around my movement keys. I never deviated from this setup in any first or third person game I've played. It's part of my DNA now.


The most hotkey intensive game I've played was WoW. I was able to use the same setup in that game thanks to shift and ctrl modifiers allowing the same hotkey to be used for multiple skills. Having the flexibility of shift and ctrl modifiers would also be nice, depending on skill creep.


Quick summary


1. No key left behind! Complete and robust. (priority)

2. Mouse buttons recognized and allowed for selection (priority)

3. The ability to move skills around on the skill bar (priority)

4. UI skill bar and combo alerts need to show the updated hotkey (priority)

5. Ctrl +key, Shift +key, Alt +key modifiers (quality of life)

6. Perhaps multiple save options for different hotkey setups. (quality of life)

4. BIG Restore Defaults button (lol.. I think it's already in)

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