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Question about Dynamic worlds

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This question may have been asked in other threads but I am curious about how building strongholds and settlements in the world will work.


Is this something where there are nodes that are randomly generated that can be built upon or is it that any place can be used to build at and cities will then be built organically to the flows of the world?


Also, if one guild starts a settlement can other players that are not part of the guild build upon it or will they just build near it creating a market or town around an existing structure?


Just curious because this will definitely be something that effects the player based economy and how players interact.

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There will be POIs, including ressource nodes like mines. Hopefully we'll be able to fortificate them, building walls and even storage or such.

But, as for many questions these days....we simply do not have enough information on the "how" part.

If campaigns function similar to the EKs, one would suspect that we could only build on specific parcels/places. I remember them mentioning ruins, which could serve as basis for new forts.


Your question about the "who has the right to build here?"-thingy is a good one, actually. Surely, this problem can only occur for people from one team building in close quarters but...that could lead to problems, indeed.

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Yeah, ACE will have pre-designed areas for building that will spawn randomly in the world so you can't build anything anywhere.


It's more of a tech limitation than anything. I forgot their exact reason but it had something to do with they way the campaign worlds are being made and being able to build anywhere would break things, or something.


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Might assume its a first come, land grab type scenario with POIs and building keeps and such. Trouble likely to arise when allied guilds try to claim same spots, do you fight over it or compromise or share etc. Lots of political wheeling and dealing and backstabbing potentially, IMO.

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