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Shadowbane... please explain it to me like I'm 5.

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Shadowbane gave players and guilds the ability to forge the game world with freedom, repercussions for behavior, reasons to fight, and a sense of purpose with self owned cities that could be sacked. There was true loss, great character building, and resources worth dying over. The history of nation / guild warfare, per server, all player made would have made a good book or movie.

Thank you! Shadowbane is number three on my list of my all time favorite games. To me, the guild/nation alliances/backstabbing were half of what was so great about the game and your guild having a custom built city that you had to defend on a daily basis or loose entirely made you feel like you were fighting for a greater purpose.


Yea, the game ran rough and the graphics were not so hot, but there has not been a game since that was anything close to giving the experience you got from Shadowbane...Until maybe now!


Once Crowfall releases and we have played for a while, the people who just can't fathom our obsession may finally get it.


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you will see your house/castle destroyed/raided, looted, and I really looking forward to it!  ;)


:lol:    My poorly made socks all broke...   and I died a hundred times.    The best feeling in the world.   Even in Big World is was so freeing to go from a full set of beautiful crafted gear and a full inventory of mats and the anxiety that brought in a fight to nothing...   damn, now I am free to just PvP...  and break basic weapons instead of a weeks worth of crafted crap.  Pixels are just pixels... taking loss of stuff as a freeing experience instead of a rage quit experience is how you survive.

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                                                        Sugoi - Senpai

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I think this thread should have been entitled: 


Shadowbane players... please explain them to me like you are 5.

I think VN is just trying to get his post count up because it makes him look cool and as he states he is the best at everything, he must win at that as well. I have never seen anyone have to post negative comments to every single thing anyone posts even if they agree with him.

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Shadowbane was a unique experience I've never been able to find anywhere else. It was extremely community focused. Everything was guild-based past really low levels. Your guild built the town you live in. Owns the trainers you level your skills at and the blacksmith you got your daggers from. Solo PvE was very impractical, but the game made it very easy to group for it. I could log in, ask for a summon in guild chat and be in the middle of whatever PvP or PvE was going on at the time within seconds. The game was designed to create PvP content. For example the high level EXP zone intentionally didn't have enough room, so your grinding got spiced up with fighting other groups over spawns. Forumbane was like watching an episode of game of thrones. The alliances, the betrayals, the feuds and all the other stuff. It had giant sieges with hundreds of people and trebuchets shooting holes in walls. There was really nothing like it at the time and it really made the "massively" part of MMORPG real for the first time for me. It had an absolutely insane amount of character customization. Certain classes and races could fly, which was a new thing and a big deal at the time. I could loot players, which meant I could farm farmers instead of having to PvE for money. Rune droppers were also a great place to PvP for fun and profit. I could go on about it all day. I've been looking for something like it ever since. It literally ruined other MMOs for me. Once you've had a $5000 meal of the best rare delicacies the world has to offer prepared by Gordon Ramsay you can never go back to enjoying Burger King the same way again. 

On 7/20/2016 at 6:50 AM, VIKINGNAIL said:

The reality of it is shadowbane is a game that launched and then very quickly died out.  The game literally crashed every 10mins while playing and even while not crashing it was very poorly optimized.  Like it was probably less stable than crowfall has ever been in pre-alpha, and that was at release.

It was going strong for the 3+ years I played. I went to sieges where the minimap was literally solid people. You have a strange definition of "died out". No it didn't have WoW numbers, but it had more than enough. If it crashed every 10 minutes for you that's your problem, not the game's. It crashed about twice a day for me. (day as in 24 hours) And the performance was just fine. You're remembering a game that either didn't exist, or existed for a short window immediately following launch.

On 11/22/2016 at 7:47 AM, Zushakon said:

Never forget Darkfall>>>Shadowbane though!

Or at least it would if they'd ever launch the other half of it. Darkfall was a scam. A very, very grindy scam.

On 7/27/2016 at 1:59 AM, VIKINGNAIL said:

This isn't really true, cause I never died in shadowbane so the game didn't really LET people player kill me. 


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