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What type of ability powers do you want to see?

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Mobile and stationary reflection walls/projectile absorption (anti projection): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLFbm6YckoU

Bascially take a lesson or two from games like overwatch.

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Area of effect damage spells or ablities tied to a particular area   



Wall of fire - Summons a passable wall of fire doing damage in an area for 10 seconds or so.

Wall of stone - summons an unpassable wall  

Miasma - a circle shaped cloud of poison slowing and doing damage to everyone that stays within the area

Cage - summons a large wooden cage locking everyone inside, the cage can be attacked and considerably easily broken by regular attacks. (this could be a ranger trap).

Burning ground - a large meteor falls to the ground exploding doing AOE damage and leaving the area burning and doing damage to everyone in the area.

Paralyze field - a visible wall of energy with a 50% chance to root anyone that tries to pass through it.  

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maybe ultimate abilities like in MOBAs if it's balanced somehow (maybe negativ aftereffects, high risk/high reward)

One Ring to Rule them all, One Ring to Find them, One Ring to bring them all an in the darkness and bind them.

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ACE could just copy the whole combat system of GW2 and I wouldn't even care. We can say a lot about the game but it did one thing right and that was PvP combat. GvG, 1v1 and group skirmishes are amazing. Combo fields and all the group oriented abilities that you could spec into for every class like the hard CC and soft CC, group heals and group buffing/debuffing brought me some amazing fights. 


Combo Fields like in GW2

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I'd like to see a skill shot that roots (immobilizes) any target it hits (up to a cap) in a straight line.


related to your comment from feedback thread above.


powers that 'anchor' targets to either other players, the ground, walls or an area. e.g. preventing them from moving too far away or other effects.


(e.g. DOTA's windrunner's shackleshot or puck's dream coil)


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