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Me and Sibbs.


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Part 1: Girl Posse.





Everin stared at the ground a bit. Breathing shallow and puke-ish and waiting for the next lurch in her trembling stomach. It didn't come... the nausea had passed. 

Fank feck finally.


When she got her saliva back she spat on the ground grimly.


It was the blood ritual that finally did it. Broke her back. Strawed her camel. One too many blood-lettings leaving her weak and sick in her belly. One too many times watching old farts drink her life blood greedily like wizened vampires. 


What kind of lousy god insists that children sacrifice a goblet of their own blood to their parents? What kind of parent would insist on it? 


Ridiculous. No deity would be so capricious. No parent should be so cruel.


There is no god. Feck em.


She sat cross-legged in a small clearing just out of sight of the looming Chalice Temple. Rocks and more rocks and an old shabby olive tree too big to bear fruit: It was no lush garden. But this was the furthest she ever got from them. The safest distance she could ever manage. 


Everin had always had a bit of an issue with the whole obedient sacrifice thing, which was kind of problematic given that everyone around her was a close-minded zealot quite happy to split their veins open the moment some thundercloud farted.

Including her friends. Including her brothers.

Her whole family were bloody whack jobs. Excuse the fecking pun.


She spat again.


Around here every political or religious or slightly odd occasion would end up with some poor young idiot having their claret splashed into a cup. And everyone just called it “Gods will” and lapped it up.

Sometimes literally. Tongue in cup.


She proclaimed: “I so need to get out of here”

She stubbed a toe kicking a too big rock moodily. Then she proclaimed louder: “Feckfeckfeck.”


A small voice above her chimed in; “I so totally agree.” 


Everin spun and nearly somersaulted off her perch at the speed-of-panic. “Wutinthefeck.”


There was a face in the tree. A small girl.. Shortish. Perhaps her own age. Perhaps older. Small dimpled chin and moon eyes in that adorable puppy-dog way everyone goes nuts for.


The strange girl peered down from the branches of the shabby olive tree and blinked like a surprised owl. “Gods are SOOOO totally overrated. Feckfeckfeck!”


Her warm enthusiasm was scary – like they'd been having this conversation for years.


Everin stood, arms locked defensively, and waited. The girl waited too, but seemed to get bored with that.


“Sooo.. I was at my sisters. Playing with her cats. We like cats.”


“Ok.” Everin struggled a bit with this new information. “Nice.”


The girl was picking leaves from the tree and letting them float to the ground idly. “Yeah. I love the way cats demand worship - and the more you pet them and stroke them the more convinced they are you're like their slave.”


Everin nodded. “Yeah.” 

She waited and said eventually:  “But at least they only want milk and a cuddle”


The girl smiled. “True that.” 


Everin shifted her feet uneasily. “Are you going to bust me?”


The girl pinched her nose in an annoyingly cute way. “Bust you?”




“Oh like turn you in for speaking sacrilege and blasphemy?” 


“Uh. Ye.”


“Nah. Religion is a pile of turds really. I totally agree.”


“Oh.” Pointedly: “You could get into a lot of trouble for saying it though.”


The girl in the tree shrugged “I'm not bothered.”




There's nothing more surprising for someone who has struggled with a dangerous notion for so long that is has become an immovable conviction in their mind,  to find that someone else has  easily accepted that notion and its really no biggie. It's actually fecking annoying to be honest. 


The girl was climbing down from the tree. She was a clumsy climber. “I totally agree though. Mrpphgrrgle”




“Sorry – hang on. Tree bits in my face.” It took the other girl a good minute to lower herself the last meter. She landed with a grunt. It should have been quite embarrassing really but she didn't seem to be self-conscious about it.


Then the small girl announced: “Sibbs! Sibby. Siberellah yah!”




“Names. Intros etcetera. Duh."


“Oh. Hi – Sibbs. Everin.”


“Hi Everin.” Shyly: “I kinda knew who you were though.”




Sibbs nodded. “Yeah your dad is kinda a big deal round here isn't he?”


Everin shrugged weakly.


The curious girl was doing a little waltz under the tree. “Chief Bloodletter! Bloodletteroo - Man with the blades and the fancy apron and big beard and all that. Daddyoh!”


Everin kicked a rock, having already forgotten not to do that in her sacrifice sandals: “Feck FECKIM. He's a Turd. Ouch.”


Sibbs nodded gleefully, “Totally is too!”


Everin paced moodily “I swear he takes extra claret on my turns. Just to be a pig.”


Sibbs nodded “I saw that. About half an ounce more than he should.”


Everin looked up seriously. “You saw that?”


“I did.” The girl was looking at her with incredibly sad eyes. She said quietly then: “It's not right.”


A tear couldn't help itself. “Its not.”


Sibby walked over and hugged her, and she needed that really. Desperately.


The small girl whispered: “cuddles and milk.” They stood that way for a bit. Surprisingly it didn't get awkward.


“So I hear you're a really great gymnast.”


Everin might have blushed if she had the blood count to do it. She pulled out of the embrace reluctantly. 

“Yeah I – well I was. Three classes above. But my dads such a turd. The draining keeps me out of competition. He's a fanatic so I'm pretty much laid out all the time with the blood recovery.” She turned a single profane middle finger to the Chalice Temple. “He's not into sports obviously.”


Sibby exclaimed loudly: “Turd!”


Everin nodded happily.


Then Sibby was dancing again; A small shuffling waltz through the dust. It was inelegant but kind of mesmerizing. Some old school traditional dance you just didn't see often. It made Everin want to dance too. The way the girl just was so unselfconscious – it was weird and nice and safe. A shared secret.


The girl's dance ended and she stood straight before her suddenly. “So I wasn't here by accident. Actually.”




“I was kind of waiting for you.”




“Yeah. Something big is about to happen. Like really really big.”


Dully: “Oh.”


Sibbs clapped her hands “I love how you're so talkative.”


“Oh..sorry. What big thing?”


“It's OK – you just had half an arm drained.” 


Everin suddenly felt very weak. “Yeah sorry. I'm always a bit slow'n'stupid after they do it.”


Sibbs nodded thoughtfully and examined their surroundings. She considered the great shabby tree behind them. “We should fix that!”


Everin popped an eyebrow. “Fixed - How?”


“Lunch of course.” Sibbs skip-trip-hopped over to the shabby tree and reached up, plucking a ripe cherry that had suddenly always been there.


“Uhm. That's an olive tree?”


The girl skipped back to her and handed her the small red fruit with a coy smile. “Doesn't matter. Eat it.”


And what else can you do really? Everin slipped the cherry into her mouth and it exploded with pure delicious flavor in a way no cherry ever did before or since.


“Oh crackers!”




“Unggg,” Everin dribbled. “That's a fecking lovely flavour. Oh my GOD.” She closed her eyes and chewed glacially, her face contorted in contented greed.


Sibbs shivered delightedly “Yay!!”


“Oh its like my body totally woke up.”


“Kick ass restorative powers. Cherryaid. I have the patent.”


“Wut?” Everin honestly didn't care if the girl babbled though. 


The girl went back to dancing. “Nevermind. So about this big thing.”




“Which requires your full attention.”


“Sorry – yes. I'm totally focused.” Everin sighed regretfully as cherry juice dissipated on her mouth. But now she felt like doing somersaults. Her feet began to follow the other girl's pattern. “What's this dance by the way?”.


“I call it the Sibbyshuffle. Work in progess. You like?”


“Yeah actually.” And they were dancing together, only now Everin got to show her stuff. 


Where the small strange girl was making clumsy patterns in the dust, Everin could draw an elegant design.

She did have skill. It was true - she was a gymnast. A dancer in the way that was entirely forbidden by stern men and fearful women, and suddenly she wanted to show off. To strut for her curious friend Sibbs - the magical girl holding her hand. They danced and everything slipped away then – falling into the cloud of dust their quickening feet were raising.


Ever faster, Everin took Sibby's rhythm and improved it and worked the silly little dance into something spellbinding and powerful. Fingertips touched as they danced and then she was alone and she heard the music and the thumping beat of her own vital blood - a ballet that moved her soul. 


Sibbs smiled at her radiantly. She saw that - and then Everin wept as she found the purest song of her life and only the dance was important. And in her life she never felt so alive or so powerful nor so lost or lonely. Her loneliness entwined with the music, and her anger – the forlorn tight rage she had held knotted inside for a lifetime - was let loose and became the thumping rhythm that pulsed in her blood and the very ground. 

Everin collapsed in the dust, spent and entirely happy. The music was gone. Her pulsing heart pounded in her ears.


“You go girl.” Sibby was sitting with her in the dust and smiled at her. Everin smiled wearily back. “Totally mental dance.”


Sibby nodded cheerfully “Totally mental dancing. We should do that again.”


“Totally.” There was a bond between them now. Of dance and secrets. And magic.

It was time for straight answers. “You're not from around here are you.”


“Nope.” Sibbs nodded seriously. “But when I leave here I'm taking you with me.”


“Oh.” Everin thought about that for a long moment. “I'm glad.”


“Me too.” Sibbs was hugging her again. It was nice.


“This is the big thing?”


Sibbs frowned. “Kinda. But also we need to do something about that stupid temple.”


“Ah.” Everin thought about that for a while. The implications of it.

“I'm glad. I think something needs to be done.”


“Mmm. Long overdue.”


“You want me to do it. That's why you came here?”


“I really thought you were the best person to do it.”


Everin turned her gaze to the sunset. The dome of the Chalice temple was blocking the last rays of the sun.

“I am. I think.”


Sibby smiled teasingly: “You think?” 


“I know I am.”


Sibby smiled at this and they sat for a bit. Then she tensed and a slight frown curled the edge of her mouth "Oh - We're having a Taylor Swift moment."




"Nevermind. I mean someone else is party to this conversation."


Everin tensed. “Someone is here?”


“No – but kinda. Check the bird in the tree.” Sibbs tossed her head in the direction of the shabby old olive tree behind them. Sure enough a great ugly crow was sitting perched and fluffed up with self importance, head sideways in that way that birds do to let you know you are definitely under beady-eyed observation.


“Hello Crow!” Pronounced Sibbs cheerfully. 


The bird observed her without comment.


Sibbs shrugged. “Thing is – that temple belongs to someone. Not your dad or anyone.. and not even that made-up god your dad thinks he's working for. But there's a reason why the temple was there. And a Reason Who. Its not a good reason at all. Its a very bad reason.


She sighed and Everin sighed sympathetically. Sibbs squeezed her hand and continued.: "And now we're going to muck it up. And the Reason Who know what we're up to. And now the Reason Who know you are hanging with me now.”


Everin nodded. Sibbs punched her shoulder playfully. “If you still wanna?”


Everin punched her back. “I really really do.” 


“Awesomesauce.” Sibbs turned back to the crow and gave it the finger. “Lucky crow you get to watch what happens next. Its going to be legendary” She lifted herself from the dust and held out her hand like a promise.to Everin, still sitting in dust.


Everin thought then “This is where it begins.” and reached for the outstretched hand of her friend, shivering.


Sibby pulled her up with surprising strength and a knowing smile, and as the gathering crows shouted overhead the two friends walked hand-in-hand from that place.


Up towards the promising red sunset and the Chalice Temple.

Edited by Deloria


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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She pressed through the curtain of smoke and tried not to choke as the acrid flavor of charred everything and everyone assailed her nostrils and reddened eyes. Stinging tears rolled freely and smeared the soot on her cheeks before wetting her parched lips. She tasted the salty ash before sneezing violently.
"Gesundheit." Sibbs was in the corner by a toppled pillar trying to coax a cat from out of the rubble.
"Wut?" Everin sniffled and wiped her sooty runny nose with a torn and bloody sleeve. Not hers though. She let it drop damply and strode over to the small girl who was laying on her belly on the floor; the cold cracked marble floor of what had once been a temple.
"Meh. Nothing - its a blessing to ward off plagues or some such." Sibby's voice then raised about three octaves. "Here puddypuddypuddywuddypud. Come here Mister Cinders puddypuddypuddywuddy."
Mister Cinders peered out at them both with glowing green eyes but decided he was fine where he was. He mewed softly to announce his decision and Sibbs rolled onto her back with an exasperated huff. "Stupid cat."
"How many did you save? Cats I mean." It had been somewhat surprising to Everin that the other girl's primary effort through the whole of the previous evening's activites (culminating in the utter ruination of a thousand year old religious establishment and the execution of most of its inhabitants), had been to totally ditch her and run off to save the temple cats. Animals that as it turned out were quite capable of saving themselves.
"Uhm..." A nose crumpled in deep thought and fingers worked their waggling calculations as Sibbs did some advanced maths. "About fourteen I think. Including the baby ones."
Everin leaned wearily against the pillar and wormed a careful finger into the corner of her eye, at last removing the tiny annoying piece of soot that had been plaguing her since she had set the whole place to a murderous inferno. "Good job."
Mister Cinders took the chance then and scampered out from his hole. He ignored the girls and padded down the shattered steps as if he'd just ordered the decorators in and needed to check the work.
"Fifteen!" Sibbs exclaimed then and clapped herself a high five.
Everin nodded. Actually if she thought about it she realized it wasn't surprising at all. This was just the way Sibbs was.
"So.. what's next then?" Everin ventured. "I know a church that has some guinea pigs locked away." 
Sibbs gave her an expressionless look from the floor and Everin returned it for a very long moment. Then they both broke into laughter, until they were near-weeping and hysterical and gasping for breath in the fumy air.
Sibbs slapped the floor trying to get breath into her lungs. "This was EPIC!"
Everin was kneeling on the floor by the pillar now, struggling to breathe. She nodded happily, wheezing.
Her friend struggled to sit up. "You got such a blood lust going. It was so nice to watch - like when you were dancing round with the candles. And your dad!" She giggle-snorted.
Everin attempted to coax a smokey gruff baritone from her charred throat. "But you're my daughter and this is your home! Don't burn your home Everin! Yikes me beard is burnin! Murmulmurmelmurmel" She waggled her hands.
It was a passable imitation of the Chief Bloodletter in his last moments of distress. Sibbs screamed as the laughter poured from her. Everin joined in and for many long minutes their laughter rang like demented songbells through the ruins of the old building.
Eventually Sibbs wriggled onto her belly and pushed herself up from the floor "Stop - Stop! I'm dyin!" But somehow she got it under control and pulled Everin up as well. They sauntered down the ruined steps after Mister Cinders, happily and clumsily, arm in arm, and found merciful fresh air and the start of a new red day in the mostly un-ruined temple gardens.
Everin pulled Sibbs to a halt just out of sight and smell of the plumes of smoke behind them and collapsed thankfully into the grass, suddenly exhausted beyond measure. "I need to stop a bit."
"No worries. That was a hell of a nights work." Sibbs sat beside her and stroked the hair from Everins face gently. It was stiff almost like stalks of corn and smelled like burnt wood.
Everin frowned. "I have angst a bit."
"I know."
"Like... What I did was pretty..."
Everin blinked as the sun suddenly broke from behind a pink cloud. Morning was starting in earnest, but Sibbs laid a soft palm over her face to shield her tired eyes. She felt then at nearly perfect peace. "Even after what you said it all seems a bit extreme."
She felt Sibbs nodding "About the sickness?"
"Yeah about the sickness. Them being sick."
"Mmm its a pretty grim thing Evvs. They thought all that blood was curing them but.. what they had was really far worse than even they knew. They were already making bad decisions cos of it. The sickness does that. Turns people... sour. They were really really bad people in a really bad place Evvs."
Sibbs was nodding. "I get it though. I do. You're feeling bad because it felt good doing this. Guilty - right? Cos you don't feel guilty."
Everin nodded in her lap.
Sibbs pinched her nose playfully. "Look - actually it kind of makes you special. That you don't get all stopped up with worry about what you're doing. It means you can get the hard jobs done even if the turds start flying. You take pride in your work - even if its a bloody awful kind of work no normal person would ever do. You're a fighter."
Everin nodded and yawned contentedly. "I'll fight then and you get the cats out. Good team!"
Sibbs sighed happily. "Great team!"
The sun swelled then and broke its cloudy chains. It was going to be a perfect day. Everin purred as she felt the warmth of it on her face.
"So whats next on the agenda?" She asked sleepily.
She felt Sibby's ribcage contract as a giggle was suppressed.
"Well... Funny you should mention the guinea pigs..."

Edited by Deloria


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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