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Question on running competitions.


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Do you guys have any guidelines on running community competitions?



I would like to start an RP community and maybe throw out prizes to encourage initial interest / writing.. I'm guessing just small prizes:


Small package giveaways etc..


I just wondered is it OK to focus on one subset of the community etc.

Is it OK to get donations (non-profit) to offer prizes on a regular basis?



Also for donations towards running non-profit websites?














Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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Hi Del!


I can answer some of that. As for running contests with prizes several communities have done this through the past year.


Some examples were an art competition run but a fan site and a give away for using the Crowfall Discord during testing. I ran the latter one a few weeks ago to promote awareness of the public voice chat. We'll likely to have more giveaways and contests in the future too.


Both instances we could post a thread on the forums. As long as we made it clear that we were responsible for handling all facets of the event and while being supportive of our efforts Ace wasn't partnering with us. So if there was an issue it wouldn't fall on their shoulders but our own since this was our event.


About adding a link for donation in a thread I can't say for sure. When I collaborated with Tahru to run a fund raiser to help a fellow player out Ace again was supportive but couldn't be directly involved.


Ace is very encouraging in community efforts though. Hope the completion goes well. Can't wait for the event!

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You're welcome to host contests, but if you're going to promote them on our forum they have to be open to everyone. That's not to say you can't have contest rules and in order to participate people have to do a certain thing; it means that anyone from the Crowfall community is welcome to participate. 


You may not solicit on our forum for donations; however, you may do so on your own site so people navigate there to learn more about the contest will see it. 


As Keagann said, you will also need to be very clear that you're solely responsible for the contest and everything associated with it. 


Here's our Non-Commercial Use policy (if you haven't already seen it). 

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