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The verses of Cybele.


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Excerpted from the Book of Springtime heresies.




And so it was at last. The All Father gazed to the very edges of creation, and beyond and yet still beyond. And He saw there the blackened withering un-thing that devoured all other things. And deeply furrowed was the All Fathers brow when He rose to meet this, the Hunger. As had been fortold in the time before time, lest all He had wrought be unwrought, and all of creation be brought to foulest undoing. Thus did He march to final battle and the doom of All.


So did the All Father tread his last steps upon the plains of the mortal world of Yr, coming to the Eternal Bridge that marked entry to the realms beyond known realms. And the river Cybelene ran swiftly beneath that bridge. And then the river laughed a silvery song that seemed yet to bid Him to cast away all His foreboding thoughts, though His mind was heavy with the burden of all matters. For this river was ancient yet eternally young and the first of waters of the world of Yr, echoing still with the early voice of life's first creation, and the river knew its first Father and sang for Him to ease His great burden.


And He heard in those waters the myriad whispers of life and the hopes of all living things nourished by its currents. So He spake: "Refreshed is My mind and restored to Me the memory of Mine purpose at this darkest hour. I smile upon thee and give thou form that yet the purpose of life may be inspired through thee."


And the All Father was pleased and He blessed the river, even as He strode over and beyond the bridge to do terrible battle at the end of the world of Yr. 


And so it was that the merriment of water took form and spirit by His word and thus was Cybele, daughter of the All Father and last of His offspring, brought to being. She who is eternally joyous and blessed with the smile of the All Father and His favouring gaze, and that laughs like the clear river of life's eternal waters. 



Edited by Deloria


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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And lo the All Father was absent to the worlds.

And the shadow of the Hunger grew ever longer upon the realms, that  Arkon High prince of Fire rode troubled from his seat of flame to the mortal plains, to seek knowledge of His father's absence.


Yet the All Father was removed from all knowing, even from His son's piercing gaze. Then the High Prince strode to the bridge spanning the river Cybelene that nourished the plains of Yr. There He spied the incarnate spirit of the river, Cybele, now given form and spirit and mirthful aspect, and Arkon pondered the ever-young child, seeing in Her the nature of the All Father, but more - the truth of Life's hope. Yet the Father of truth did not smile - for now His mind was troubled more still.


He proclaimed "It seems this child doth bear the countenance of the Father, yet also of that aspect of Life I yet hold betrothed, for I deem this child to bear the grace of Gaea and Her spirit and I would know the cause of this."


And He then summoned Her, His wife the Matron of all living things, that She might behold Cybele and that He discern the truth of the child.


And Gaea appeared and beheld the girl and smiled as the child smiled to Her so that the world of Yr was brightened between Their radiance. And then She did embrace Cybele as her true Daughter.


She pronounced: "As all natural things are borne from Me so is this child a dearest child to Me. And blessed is She with the spark of the All Father. She is His gift to the worlds of the living that they lose not their hope in the coming storm. And if She be His final gift to Us, perhaps She be yet His greatest."


And Arkon the Father of Truth discerned then the nature of Cybele, yet did not speak of it further, but took the child to His heart as His own true daughter from that day, and His final judgement on the matter was known then only to His own counsel, that none may yet tell of it.


And even when the all-knowing hag Yaga cackled on the wind that thus had the Aspect of Fire been cuckolded by His own father and then made proclamation that the union of Life and Truth was unmade, still was His golden brow unlined, His golden shoulders unbent and His hand entwined both with Gaea's own beside him and the small hand of Cybele, his daughter, held in his left.

Edited by Deloria


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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The Bookworm blinked and rubbed his sore eye sockets wearily. Disbelievingly. He read the profane passages once more - and then again for good measure.


"Holy mother of turds!" He pronounced, and collapsed back into his chair.


The bookworm beside him sniggered. "Gripping stuff Amirite?" 


"Am I getting this right?"


Bookworm number two shrugged. "If you read into what *Spark of the All Father* actually means then - yeah you probably are getting this right."


The library around them was dark and cold and silent. The numerous bloated candles could illuminate only this small bench, and this ancient ragged tome before them. All else was lost to shadow. Bookworm the first shivered and pulled his cowl around him.


"No wonder its called a heresy!"


"Yeah. Listen" Number Two scratched himself and rose lazily from the chair. "All this god porn is making me hungry. Imma steal some boar from the kitchens and pop to cots."


Number one snorted: "Mullins will have you! He counts his piggies like they're his wives. Likely glazes 'em with his husband stick when no-one's looking."

The two scholars laughed loud enough to startle the candles into a frantic dance.


Number two shrugged eventually. "Hes a fat turd and he's asleep. It's way past the bell."

He nodded to the heavy tome on the desk. "Put that back when you're finished. Partridge will hide you if he finds it out."


With a yawn: "I will. Ta-ta turd."


"Ta-ta you dingleberry." Bookworm number two shuffled off into the darkness of the long library corridor, lit only by the wormlike glow of his own candle.

He soon faded to the blackness and then his companion was alone in the vast hall.


The Bookworm celebrated by releasing a long overdue and highly odorous bottom belch, and sighed happily.


"Was sitting on that for a while. Nearly exploded me." He surmised, and then went back to the business of the book.


So the All Father, by his reckoning, was a horny old goat who had  - what was the term? He squinted at the page - Ah! Blessed.... The River with his spark and out pops baby Cybele. And what exactly was the nature of the river?


The bookworm snorted. Good old Gaea. He might draw a little obscene etching of her into the margin of this shabby book - just for fun. But later. Polishing candles was for later. Gods... Incestuous buggers. They had all the fun. 


He resisted another yawn as he turned the page wearily.

"Lets see what happens next."

Edited by Deloria


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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Excerpted from the Book of Springtime heresies.


And there was a great howling in all the forests of the all the worlds. And all the trees in all the forests were bent to the earth as if in great mourning. And birds fell to the ground as if in grief, yet the creatures there slew them not - for all appetites were forgotten. And a great wailing echoed in the halls of men and beasts. The Earth Mother had been slain and her grace fell from all living things as if a shadow had been dropped over all creation. 


This savage knowing was shouted on the lips of every storm in every sky: That Gaea, the all-wise and temperate was unjustly felled as if a great white tree was brought down with heavy unseen axe. And unreasoned fury filled the hearts of warrior and coward alike though they knew not why. And thus the wisdom of the worlds was undone.


Yet none knew how or why, though the heavens raged to know the answer and much anguish was held in the hearts of those that sought the cause of this profanity: The slaying of the Matron of Life. Yet no cause was found.


But it was the maid Cybele, her daughter, and the hag Yaga that felt most keenly  the despair of Gaea's absence. For Yaga was all knowing and Cybele was all Hoping, yet there was no knowledge or hope to be found in this cruelty now played upon the worlds.


Thus it was that Yaga, Sister of the All Father and most revered of all save He did walk the plains of creation again. She who walks the corridors of night and death and welcomes all creatures to that sanctuary at the end of their time did seek now the ever-young maid Cybele  in earthly gardens where she was wont to roam.


And Yaga did enter unbidden to the Glade of All Joy, where Cybele was oft to find and was thus found. Yaga did proclaim unto her "This blasphemy has undone all reason. That you are robbed a mother and I should be robbed a child - for it is tasked only to me to reap the lives of all creatures, though they be of mine own lifes blood, yet for Gaea there was no reaping and even I All-knowing had no forewarning of this calamity. It falls to you, Daughter of my daughter, to know this - that the worlds are thus cast to shadow and unknowing. The knowledge and the graces of the Elders are undone. It is the beginning of the end of times."


And Cybele wept for her mother such that the Glade that was Joy became that of Sorrow, for no anguish is greater than the tears of the innocent turned to grief. Yet the maid said nothing to the Crone, and instead she fled the Glade of Sorrow never to be found there again.

Edited by Deloria


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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