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Going very well, actually. Glad to hear you are doing well also!



Not sure you really know what you are talking about. Jellyfish is still alive and running on the SBEmu, the core stays together, the fluff comes and goes  ;)

i remember seeing a jellyfish tree.... but never any actual jellyfish players


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Heya Hidetade check your inbox please! Get back to me asap if at all possible.

@Shiden86•<Nendou|Jozefu|MooCow KungPow|KillerBewbies>

"Innovation requires risk; it's a key ingredient. We're comfortable with that, because we firmly believe that the core of this design is solid."

"Some of the people that we've attracted will figure out that this isn't the game for them. They will leave, and we'll thank for them giving our game consideration."

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Are you sure that is a Jellyfish in your guild crest?


Utilize the tools of which you are given  ;)


@Wehrmacht players: stfu and get off my thread. half of you are non-factors that only got big once you got under master Chet's skirt.  :P


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