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01/27/15 - Introducing The Legionnaire & Faq!

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01/27/15 - Introducing the Legionnaire & FAQ! 


Hey folks,

A few things coming for you this week.
Today, we're putting up our first Hero page: the Centaur Legionnaire.
This is our first cut at how we're going to present the base Archetypes on the website.  Yes, I know it's light on customization options -- that will come later.  
More importantly, this page includes: a detailed concept of the character himself, our first in-game environment screenshot (!), and a narrative background for a "sample" character.  Obviously, you'll want to write you own character backgrounds, but 1st person narrative is a great way to give you a feeling for the flavor of culture and backstory.  (Yes, it's a Shadowbane trick.  Still a good one, though!)
Additionally, we're dropping the first section of our FAQ, which answers questions about: character creation (confirming things you've already guessed at, and clarifying a few you didn't know), a few bits about advancement, and more.
Later this week, we'll be dropping more info about the nature of the CF universe, i.e. "why did we unlock the characters from the worlds/shards?" and start to look at the elements that make the strategy game work.
As always, thanks for keeping an eye on us, and for helping us to spread the word!
See you on the forums,

J Todd Coleman

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

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Good lord!


Honestly, nothing I'm disliking so far in terms of information.


Interesting that the camera is described as 'Third person, over the shoulder'. This gives some pretty massive hints towards the combat system being aim/twitch based rather than tab targeting.

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Looks dope.


Centaurs confirmed.

You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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Looks really good.

I guess that means that class roles are confirmed, so that means there is no GW2 zerging (Whooo!).


Also lots of other juicy information too, mac is being considered which is great news for everyone  :)



Crowfall uses a skills-based system to resolve in-game actions.  Characters do not have discrete “levels” like most traditional MMOs.  This means that there are MANY, MANY potential ways to advance your character at any given time.


This sounds pretty interesting too, seems like they will have an interesting progression system.

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"Valkon," the new name for the All-Father!


I knew the Shadowbane centaurs were noble and dedicated to Pandarrion, but I didn't know they were Roman...


"Bounty Hunter" rune - I wonder if this means "tracking."  I used to hit my "Track" hot key on the character select screen sometimes...


Adv/Disads only selectable at character creation and no traditional "leveling" system: this seems to point at the ability to create a lot of alts.  I'd love to hear in the next FAQ what the character cap limit might be.

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Oh god, another amazing content dump today!  The s-word has me even more excited!  Strategy!  You're speaking the secret language of my gamer heart!


And Bounty Hunter to track down other players? Yes!


The last two reveals have been so chock full of goodness.  The screenshots also look gorgeous, though I'll admit I was studing the background more than the centaur.  The art design on this is very very gorgeous.


I take back what I said earlier.  If this ends up getting crowdfunded, it's clear to me that I'm gonna be all on board.



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Centaurs, awesome. But...now this is definitely seeming like a MOBA character selection...I don't like it at all. I know customization is to come later, but this is a bit much. Each archtype has it's own premade character, name and backstory? What is the point of it being an MMO? This is a bad call in my opinion and is veering off from what I was hoping for. It's one thing to have base models but no, I don't want to have 10,000 signed up players and have them all be 1 of like 20 characters. I don't even really see how this will look good from a battle standpoint, seeing all the same characters. It might not be a big deal if we get enough character customization and at least the ability to rename our character. At the moment though, this isn't seeming like an MMORPG and more of an MMO-MOBA with D&D skill systems and the facade of a free roaming, choose your own, open world.

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