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The Order of the Wise Ones

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The Play2Crush website just sends me to Crowfall...  which didn't give me a group when I registered.  I must be missing something.

You should receive a follow up e-mail 

Maybe it not about the happy ending. Maybe it's about the story.

RIP Doc Gonzo "to anyone...speak your mind...defend your position...be prepared for an Argument and enjoy the process of the discussion...that's all part of any good Forum experience"

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I am also wary of some people here. I'm NOT wary of wizards I know from Central and in-game, especially y'all I've known one way or another for 5+ years. 


Time to circle the wagons and set some wards?


Oh, I found this: http://www.dragonroseknights.com/


Although Knights of the Dragon Rose (KDR) is not really active right now as there isn't much to do (but it will in the future once I get a few more things settled down with Crush the Throne, etc.), I would be more than happy to work out an alliance or some form of working together with you guys. Just let me know if you would be interested.

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