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Ballista crafting screen grabs for my crafting buddy IdeaMatrix


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I could only find two times when I was hit directly by the fire projectile.  Once for 7500 and another for 11k.  It's hard if that's what caused the damage, though.  Damage fly text isn't implemented for people piloting the ballistae.  The fire aoe itself ticks for around 1500 - 2000.

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i've added the siege tooltips to my site




I, II and III have the same hp, range.


IV has slightly more HP.


All have the same 'basic attack' that does a fixed 10k damage (before resistances)


The primary difference is the additional powers.


MK I (fire)
MK II (ice)
MK III (fire and lightning)
MK IV (fire, lightning and rally)
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Hmm, no confirmation on resource tier or quality effecting stats. Honestly, unless resources are super easy to amass, Ballistas seem like a waste of resources. Catapults out-range them slightly which means they will only be useful vs personnel and the limited field of attack mixed with the somewhat low damage makes them very expensive support units. That's not even taking into account whether or not the damage gets split or how many attacks per second they get.


This might be worth it if you had players that couldn't fight or if they were automatic defenses but, you're losing an entire player to control the ballista and using up thousands of resources for something that might die in 4-6 catapult hits. I think you'd be better off hiring a Druid to stand on top of your turret and chuck sharknados.

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