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Pax Imperius


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Howdy folks, Pax Gaming started as Pax Imperius on Scylla, and later on Starsider after the mergers. This isn't a guild recruitment post, I wanted to see how many people remember us and connect with old friends from those days. So to all my old SWG friends, it's good to be back, and I hope to see more of you guys.

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I remember that name. I migrated to Starsider after Chilastra became something of a ghost town in the latter years of the game. I had an alt in Pax Imperius, but I didn't play her very much. I don't even remember her name.

Formerly Scin Karetyr, a native of Chilastra in Star Wars Galaxies

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I was a leader of another city, on another server, when Imperius was getting its start. I joined later, post NGE - Game close while I was waiting for another game to launch and caught up on their history then. Here is what I remember:


-All members had access to a special issue pair of pink hawt pants. Hawt pant raiding parties was a pvp event hosted often. 


-Imperius was build on a guild within guild system, and as such was a large main guild with smaller meta division units for combat. The most prominent were the Hounds, Dark Acolytes, and Praetora. (I am sure I missed or murdered some of those names)


-Though the game wasn't full on pvp, Imperius found it whenever able. When feuds were introduced they were one of the first to adopt it. 


-Dark City was huge, and carefully laid out to allow for alleys and sector blocks. 


-Pax Imperius had a God-Head. A symbolic leader that gave credence to the tyrannical theme of the guild. 


-I am lead to believe that Imperius was one of the first guilds to found a city. 


-They were empire side, but their thematic was built around force mysticism and sith bloodlines. They were empire out of convienence. 


-Story aside, they were not a hard core roleplay guild, and rp was generally casual and optional. 



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Oh the good days of SWG. I remember pax imperius as one of the most organized guilds to form in the time. I for one was never part of Pax but had a few scuffles near the ending of what we loved and start of CU. was Part of CRA  with few friends Zan'isn Abriros and now good friends Espirito and Bloodrage, as we planned raids on parts of imp settlements and pax coming to give us a great fight. When ever we get together we usually reminisce over the good days of swg over a few beers, as im sure a lot of people do lol


Hats off to pax and hope to either fight beside or against either would be a pleasure again

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