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Game Devs, take note

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I think we're on the same page.


1)  It's impossible to make everyone happy; that's not the same as not insulting anyone.  I want to see sexy male and female characters; I also don't want that to be my *only* choice.  Also, please make situationally appropriate sexiness- heavily armored bloodthirsty warriors with great weapons should never look "sexy" (not accounting for individual taste, I know some of you <3 that look).  Assassins in snug fitting leather cut for mobility?  That can totally look sexy- just please nothing where boobs could pop out during a right click dodge roll- if there's megacleavage there, I expect a teleport instead of a dive roll!


2) Online harassment is an issue for everyone (it's generally worse for women).


3) Video game developers aren't intentionally abusing women, but many aren't listening to or respecting them either.

Finally, thank you for being respectful and open minded in this conversation.  You rock and totally made my day.

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