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Community Vote - Next Tee Shirt Designs


The Next Tee Shirt Design  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your favorite tee shirt design! Might just be the next one available in the store.

  2. 2. Would you like to see more designs in these styles?

    • Yes, all the archetypes done like the Confessor!
    • Yes, all the Gods' emblems done like the Logo!
    • That style isn't my thing.

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Hello all! Like I've mentioned in my other thread, I'll be hosting community voting for the next shirt design to make it to the store!


And so here is the first couple to vote on!






Some of you might recognize a somewhat familiar style in this design. Inspired by the Overwatch sprays, this is a minimalist abstract design featuring the Confessor. 






A twist on the logo. A blend of simple and complex. This design isn't as busy as the other, and still shows representation of the game to it's fullest!



Please leave comments below, and be sure to vote on your favorite design! The winning design will be placed into the store by the end of August! So be sure to spread the word and get those votes rolling! Thank you all.

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I see Archetypes as being pretty transient.  Not something I would identify with or would wear on a T shirt.  Maybe a castle being sieged with half of it torn down and "Play to Crush" above it.  When I played SB I used whatever character was the best tool for the job.  I imagine I will do the same when I can train 3 archetypes on one toon.

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It's been a week, and the Logo Splash design has pulled ahead. I see a lot more views on this thread than votes.


Voting will go until the end of the month, keep them coming! Tell your guilds to come vote as well.





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Voting has ended! The Crowfall Splatter design came out on top. The STORE has been updated with new designs as well as 10% off all Longsleeve shirts and hoodies! Sale ends October 1st. Thank you all for participating in the voting. As always, May all your hits be crits!





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  • 3 weeks later...

I love the quality and the feel of the tri-blend shirts. imo they look better too than the solid colors. Thank you for the kind words and the pics Muta! I'm working on more even now.  ;)





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