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I can't connect

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Hey, Crowfall community!

I have a problem now. 30 min later I wanted to test game, but I can't login. I lost my connection for all times. Help me, dear Pann and other guys! :( Where is my problem?

pb0bEiroLys.jpg Its okay. My username, password and second security.


Cw2ArSTnqFw.jpgAfter 7-12 from login I see this bug


868iymidhRc.jpgThan, I see loginscreen and retry my connecting.


I think you can help me.

                                                                                                                                With great hopes, your backer

                                                                                                                                Greg Kondratyev (Mosul Benor). :rolleyes:

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This forum is for web and web services (i.e. Crowfall Store) issues. Please use the Testing forums to report issues with the playtest or you can email support@crowfall.com. 


I'm going to guess that the problem was a firewall was blocking your connection. If this happens again in your next playtest session, email Support immediately so we can help troubleshoot. 

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