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<Dark Wardens> Coming to Crowfall


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DarkWardens started as a Black Desert guild, but as the game progressed, we lost interest in the game and branched out. NOW that guild is our own gaming community that we hang out and play random games occasionally. BUT I"M BRINGIN IT BACK! As the Leader of DarkWardens I knew I was going to spend a good chunk of time in Crowfall, so might as well start the guild back up again! So that's my (Soon to be OUR) story. 


Because we're starting from scratch here, most things will be up for debate, including guild emblem, heirarchy, etc. If you want to try something bring it up! Officers will be picked among the first handful of people.


The goal of DarkWardens is community first! We want people to be hanging out in discord, talking, laughing, and kicking ***! We're not aiming to be top guild in the server but we want to see if we can make it up there! We expect guild members to chat when they're around, and they should want to be part of the conversation and actively pursuing the guild's goals and needs. 

Leveling and gearing up. 
Dailies and group quests 
Weekly Guild-Focused events. 
Creation of a thriving community. 
PvP and GvG

Expansion and creation of a thriving EK



As a Guild which will be focusing strongly on building a healthy community, we expect our members to be active on Crowfall, we understand many people work, leadership included, but we would like everybody to be active and online as much as possible, if we find members which have been inactive for a substantial amount of time or people we feel are not contributing to the group, we will trial the individuals in question and remove them if they continue. We also wish for the group to remain mature and constructive, repeated toxicity or foul behavior will result in being booted. Lastly, we strongly request each of you to join us on our Discord server which will be provided below. 


Founder: Rilnak 

If you are interested and want to find out more, or you are considering joining, please contact any of the above guild members who will more than happily help you out, you can also reply to the thread as we will be reading through occasionally. Thank you for your time, we will see you in Crowfall! 


If you are going to play with us, we would advise you to join our Discord Server. For those who are not familiar with this service, it is free, and allows virtually 24/7 access and communication with each other both in and out of the game. The mechanics of this game do not lend themselves well to typing while fighting monsters and running quests, so we ask that members use (at least listen) the various channels we have set up in our Discord. This is also a place where our Code of Conduct and Guild Charter are posted. We feel it is a great way for us to get to know you...and you us, before we offer you a guild contract in game! The link is below: 



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hey! question... is this an NA or EU guild?


Edit: nvm, you told be on discord :P 

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