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How to connect?

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This isn't really a bug, but it doesn't tell you how. I pledged $45 to join the beta testing and waited till Monday, Augest 15, 2016 9:00 PM and couldn't join the test going on. How come? How do I connect to the tests?

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Hi Takashi and welcome to the forums.


You are right, it's not a bug. We are currently in alpha testing and your current pledge package only contains beta access, which will come later this year. Alpha access is included in the bronze pledge and higher tiers. You will also get alpha access once your transaction total reaches 100$ (see http://crowfall.com/en/account/ -> Transactions). The transaction total includes pledge packages as well as anything else you buy in the shop.


More informations can be found  in the Alpha & Beta Testing FAQ and in the Downloading the Game-Thread in the Community Questions & Answers Forum.

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