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No Man's Sky blowup.

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I am not sure I'd let them off that easy.  The game, as it is, seems fine for what it is (and hype defiantly had a part to play in inflating the expectations).  However, the "multiplayer" thing stands out as problem, largely because of the shady way they've handled it.  I am sure at one point they meant that to be a thing, and it still may be a thing, but that is highly dubious.  If multiplayer isn't a thing, they probably won't say anything until they patch it in (more dishonesty).  


Also, this doesn't include the other things that were part of the design that were left out, either.   


I think players, just in general, are tired of hearing that x,y, z are going to be in a game, only to have those things not be included.  This is going to be a particular problem for crowdfunded games, because those companies get funding off of making claims.  I don't think that, at least in the beginning, game companies are trying to be dishonest, but they should know better lest they end up that way before the game releases by making claims they can't back up (and taking people's money on empty concepts).       

I completely agree with you, a lot of games now a days never deliver what is promised or you end up buying pre-launch access to a game that might never even take off. I fall into that black hole many times. Once a deadline comes in, what will you do? Release a broken game? In some cases that is the choice they have. In others its "Well we could always release this later in a DLC and make more $"


NMS for me wasn't that much of a disappointment because I never looked into it prior. A friend was playing it and I said "WTH, I will give it a shot".. Its alright, entertaining but watching the video and reading into it makes me see why so many people are disappointed.


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