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Harvesting skill tree video


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Harvesting skill tree and sub trees video added




and new 'skill overview' video of the new UI and icons.



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I actually just watched through the whole video and I'm glad that the stats are mirrored on all of the different gathering skills but, I'm a little bit surprised that there's no benefit to mastering more than one type of harvesting. I'm also curious if the discipline runes will include harvesting of the higher tier resources or just the lower tier like copper. It will be interesting to see if people will skip training harvesting and use disciplines while they train up a crafting skill instead.


Also, I like the new UI but, I'm wondering if the off-set nature of the radial menu means they will have more skills added or if it's just the space they designated for the skill names.


In previous games I've enjoyed playing a mule type character, harvesting is a very calming activity and it gives you instant gratification. I'm so glad they decided to start releasing crafting stuff!




I just watched the second video and a couple of things stand out to me. First, they still have tailoring in the game as a skill but, they haven't made any cloth armor sets in testing or mentioned anything about cloth since the skill was added to the game. I'd really like to know if cloth is going to be an option and what those bonuses will look like.


Second thing on my list of interesting things is that stealth is still a full tree. Is this going to include things other than just increased stealth level? Why have something available as a tech tree when not all archetypes can use it? It seems to be the only skill tree that's archetype reliant. Hmmmmmm....

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