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SP 8/15/16


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I only played 3 matches this night but I did get decent recordings for each. Meant to play the champion in all 3 but accidentally played a horse in one where we had so many horses. Frame rate seemed a bit improved from the Thursday before with no patch client side. Still dropped down pretty low at times though.


Second time playing the champ ever(I think):




Accidental Horse Zerg:




Third time on the champ:




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Stabilizing the videos a little right now.


I need to mess with the sensitivity on my mouse. It is causing that bobbing. Mostly happens when I play melee characters.

I assumed that was typical SP lag causing the screen jumps lol




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Nice vid.  I always keep UW1 up, since the hatred bar charges, I'll either use UW2 if it's worth it or just wait for my timer on UW1 and immediately go back into it.  



Yeah. Definitely was learning the durations of things in both of those as well as working on judging leap distance.


The immunity portion for dodging big spells is also something to consider too but I didn't really need it much during those two matches.


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