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Trade Hub EKs

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 Plus what with the giant box of kittens and *free hugs with every sword purchase* deal going on at the Dwarven Blacksmith I think we're going to be *The* place to be.






Consider giving the giant box with projectile weapon purchases too. Great for target practice.


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not to suggest that it will have any hope of competing with the likes of Giant Box of Kittens, i've decided to greenlight the idea i've had rolling around in my noggin about founding Mazzaroth with my imperial palace as it's linchpin to be a potential economic powerhouse. or, atleast, one of the major hubs in CF. that's the aim at any rate.


in the interest of non-bias this thread is intended to be neutral to all parties and simply a list of those interested in establishing a hub, so i haven't (and won't) alter my initial post to include this info.

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