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Crowfall EU Trade Hub (Discord Channel)


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Hi everyone,


We have a master crafter list: here


We have a EK-turned-in-game-trade-hub list: here


And now we have an (un)official Crowfall EU Trade Hub discord server!


If you want to join the Discord server: click here


Here are some features:

- buy and sell order dedicated channels

- crafters and mercenaries dedicated channels

- giveaway channel and the famous Toucan Tavern

- dedicated voice channels for more personal negotiations


And here are some benefits too:

- real-time info for the real-time moguls! (and we all know that time is money)

- a dedicated team of moderators, and a strict set of rules, to ensure the well conduct of your business

- at the moment supported by one of the main guild of EU servers (we will recruit other guilds to join the effort!)


Please contact me, or answer in this topic as well, if:

- you are willing to join our efforts with your guild (or alone)

- you have ideas, recommendations, or something is not working

- you just want to let know that you are here, offering your specific services and products!


Hope you guys and girls will enjoy,



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Hello everyone,


As the Hunger is now coming, I think it is a good time for a reminder about the Crowfall EU Trade Hub (Discord Channel).


Think about it: crafting will start to be a thing, so will soon be trading. If you plan to accumulate some wealth on the EU servers, you better get started and with the right tools of the trade! Literally. :)

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