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Meet the Duelist - Official discussion thread

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And with this one, we'll have two archetype for each role. 2 Tanks with the myrmidons ( next week probably ), 2 supports, 2 DPS and the 2 specialists. I guess he will probably be out by the end of october.


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My guess is he has no sprint, but instead goes under the ground at normal move speed.  He can't take damage but can only stay under until stamina runs out.


I would prefer it to be more limited / appropriate to siege contexts for breaching walls.  Trying to gank a nooblet in fancy pants with a feather in his cap and then having to stand around waiting for him to surface and play whack-a-mole doesn't strike me as fun (at least for the guy standing around!).


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Sounds marvelous! Maybe a tad bit chubby around the waist, eh? But well every Guineapig is a little  ;)


The combat design also look very fitting! I can't wait for more concrete infos on power. Want to play him yesterday  :ph34r:


I love you all.



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very intriguing statements



In the case of powers and resources we decided his power tray has no power combos, instead he…

uses a traditional rogue style combo point resource system,
which drives quick melee and ranged attacks,
only has a single power tray, and
can go into burrow mode. (let the speculation begin!)


So burrow mode isn't a tray of powers. Combined with no power combos........

makes me consider how the point resource system and burrow mode will balance out the fact that he might 'only' have 6 + left click + right click + c = 9 powers


(compared to ~17 average single bar archetypes and ~27 average double bar archetypes)


perhaps the point resource system modulates the powers 


e.g. if you target has '3 combo points' it does X effect e.g. damage and bleed but if your target has '4 combo points' its a knock back......

Edited by Tinnis


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I couldn't tell the size with no Centaur in the pic for reference  ;)


It's a Giant Guinea Pig, but only from the point of view of the Guinea Pigs. (Probably a third of a Centaur in height.)


From the standpoint of everyone else, it's just an overgrown... mouse. x.x

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It's going to be weird having a tiny combatant on the battlefield.  I can't imagine this guy having any form of knockback, what are his animations even going to look like?


But what really worries me is whether or not we will get a visual customization option for bald Guineceans.

How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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