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What made Diablo II great? Diablo I.


On it's own though, D2 was built from the ground up to be an online multiplayer game while D1 was a single-player game with some sketchy network code tacked on to allow up to four people over IPX or modem connections. For D1, this was usually done by running coax (10base-2) around the living-room and using terminators and t-connectors and arcane ISA cards... Back in those days, having a 3com 3c509 network card in your computer was like having a Titan-X installed. :)


So, in part, D2's success was because it released when there was an Internet, and mere mortals could play with other mere mortals without needing to know the vagaries of network engineering.


There was also the random dungeons and the quasi-procedural loot system that was incredible at generating player retention. It's credited with some of World of Warcraft's success in fact, and the 'colors for quality' that D2 started are now a part of humanity's hive-mind. :)

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It was also one of the first games that had such a diverse set of "builds" possible. As a necromancer you could go full summoner, golem+curses, or old school magic dps, or some combination. People will debate whether or not some of those builds were actually viable at Hell difficulty but it was fun nonetheless. 

aka honeybear

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Never played D1. But I played the heck out of D2. I was a Marine stuck in the barracks overseas so being able to play that with friends on a LAN while we were still on dialup connections was amazing. Started playing it with a roommate back in '09 for the nostalgia and we played it for the teamplay as well.


Being able to slaughter mobs by being OP, the ability to make any armor and weapons amazing by using slotted jewels, different damage types via jewels. All that made it great.


But I refuse to play Albion or Das Tal because of that UO/Runescape/D2-esque point of view. I got sick playing D2 so much that I won't play a game with that point of view. Ever.

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Making a necklace with the ears of all my fallen enemies made D2 great  :P


Hacking and duping made it horrible afterwards. I agree with headlight though, I'm kinda done with the top-down view and the type of combat that comes with it. That's why I couldn't get into Das Tal so much. 


EDIT: hmm, maybe I'm thinking about Diablo 1? *feels old*

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