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Ranger - Specalist: Spider


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As Zenyatta would say

"A warrior's greatest weapon... is patience."

...and heavy explosives and feeding on the blood of your enemies.

Solo ranger spider climbing down the wall (yay physics?)


then making a web and waiting for prey...



Edited by Tinnis
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Ranger bomb needs a buff. I laugh whenever I see one  :D


At least ranger got many other buffs, he looks much better now! 


the damage is indeed laughable - as are the inconsistent physics


(sometimes it will explode a target with no knock up e.g. 6m22s; other times it will shoot them to the moon 7m22s)


generally mediocre CC - but has its uses as an interrupt and set up for other powers as demonstrated :)



and how else are you going to make a literal staircase of corpses?



Edited by Tinnis
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