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Work In Progress <WIP>

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So !  It looks like it is finally time to post our recruitment thread.

In house we have been debating when to begin Crowfall recruiting but now after / during the Guild Fair I thought it was a good of time as any. 


So Hi !

I am Desupaireetsu aka Desu aka Kevin aka DM Supreme !  & I am the Leader of the Work In Progress Gaming Group ! 


What we are is a fun loving group of gamers and players who have come together over the years in a multitude of games whether they be MMOs, MOBAs, Tabletop or anything else in between ! We fall in the lovely area of Casual and Semi-hardcore where we have our general casual basis for just playing games and having fun but also teams and groups that love to compete and be the best especially in PVP and world conquest. So anyone can find others to join in with with a similair mind set. When we set out to play MMOs we do so to play every aspect of the game and have as much fun as possible while running internal and inter guild events!  and so far our guild is wholeheartedly looking forward to crowfall with a few of us who have been here testing for quite awhile and more always joining in. 


What Else .... What Else....


Timezone Wise we are all over ! 

A Majority of our members are from NA but have quite a a few members from EU and other regions plus we all have crossing schedules so there are usually always people on. Our most active time i would have to say is Night - Late night EST for most weekdays and a much larger time gap  for weekends... A lot of us do not sleep much. 


Communication Wise we mainly communicate via our TS server : vs20.tserverhq.com:9055 which anyone is welcome to come hangout / meet us or say hello. We are also in the process of rebuilding our website. 


We also Enjoy hosting servers for many of the side games we play like Ark, PZ and many others (even getting our old private RO server back up currently) Other MMOs we have played as a large guild recently include GW2 & BDO by either the name Work In Progress or Carnivorous Carebears. In the past we played others like WOW, FF14, Wildstar, Neverwinter and quite a few more that did not last as long or we had a smaller group in. Anyway Loads of Experience, Loads of Games to play and a generally fun place to be and a good group to hangout with :D


Truly we are All hoping that Crowfall will be the game we get lost in forever and be our new home for a nice long time & from what we have seen and experienced things are looking good :D  


And thats where you come in ! We would love to add to the community and meet some new friends to game with and get ready to build an awesome Guild/Kingdom here in Crowfall ! 

Think that is good enough for one big ranting stream of consciousness !  If you have any questions please feel free to ask If you want to talk or you are interested feel free to message me here, TS, post a reply , Steam or anywhere else you can find me !  In short we are a big fun loving Game Community and are looking forward to adding to the group !

(Also if there is any groups or guilds that want to get together and do any alliances / mergers / sharing / planning / team ups / plans to take over the world ! Just let me know ! ) 


Have a Good Day everyone !  & See you in the test / game ! 


(Will probably format this to look prettier later :P


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Desu where have you been!

Twas battling the many demons of the real world while dealing with the trial and tribulations of power and internet loss but all is good now as I have returned triumphant ! 

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oh and spark, he got out of my basement... i am trying to get him again any help will be nice  ~.o

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