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My Concerns regarding Thomas Blair's beginnings . . .


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(Heh-heh, tongue in cheek, a little Sunday Morning Humor)


Recovered tape from a young Thomas Blair's experimentation as a programmer at home.


I'm concerned.


I'm concerned he was A)  Able to get SO much out of his Commodore 64, B)  His real name is apparently "Dave", so what's with the "Thomas" mislead, and C) His program knows what a "stress pill" is.


I have to feel sympathy for young Thomas though, when his Commodore 64 chastises him with . .


. . . "I can see you are really upset about this.  I honestly think you aught to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over . . ."


OMG. lolol.


Pann:  This is your canned response to ban hammer targets. 


Anyway, Thomas Blair attempting to deal with a run-amock Commodore 64 as a young lad:



Edited by Bramble

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