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Sniper Druid Coolwaters


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I still don't know if I like that they climb walls. It's more fun for sure, but a little derp.


I don't like that they do, at least not the way Confessor tornados do. 


If there is a surface above or below you there's no telling which plane they will decide to travel on.


ex: I will be standing under the gatehouse, north entrance, in HD and launch some tornados. Those 'nados will cast on top of the gatehouse and do their thing up there before eventually falling down and sputtering out once the gatehouse is cleared. 


Another example is standing in the throne room and and trying to cast some tornados out of the door. I don't know where those ones go, above or below, but they sure as hell aren't on the surface I'm standing on.  


It's fun being able to cast tornados on unsuspecting players on the keep or walls by having them travel up the walls but I would gladly trade that for always having them cast on the horizontal plane I'm standing on and not cast on a plane 20 meters above me.




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