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[EU][RP] Of Witches


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Tentative name: [The Witchery]



She says:


Some search for the wierdling power and some are simply born to it. So perhaps are you? We hope.

And if that power is the shuddering snap of light and force that bleeds from your fingertips without cause or word but simply because it must.......


She smiles:


Then perhaps you should simply wear gloves? 

Repress. Perhaps you would deny it even as it wells within you and thus could instead withdraw from it? Sensibly seeking slim solace in power's cold and fruitless absence - choosing then and for all time to reveal it not, this niggling deviation within.


She sighs:


Such an irritant.

That would be most reasonable.


The cat nods agreement. She smiles again:


What are we but unreasonable? Half our art is in concealment, choosing not to demonstrate our power, but instead dressing ourselves as nonchalantly indifferent to it. And well we should disguise that power - for always there are and will be those that fear it, and who hate those that wield it, and they would shun us or chase us down - or perhaps even burn us.


She strokes the cat.


And how many of us have seen that dark cloud of fear and hate in a stranger's face and wondered; "Will they be the one? Is it my turn to run now? As my mother did? As my mother's mother?"


The cat flees.


How unreasonable we are that we defy them all. We claim the old ways and the old songs and our veins fill with the ice water of our ancestors. Then we are the children of Life and Death and Light and Chaos. Ours is the warm stream of blood and the cold cloud of sky. The frozen ribbon of water and the scent of angry fires. We are the witchery - The Wierd and the blessed. The wretched old mothers and the curious virgins. We are mothers and daughters and cats in heat that cry to foul dripping moons, and here is a place for us: A harbour and haven for us.


The birds call:


For us.


The cat purrs:


For us.





The Merspire: The Witchery: The City of the Coven.

This is a reclusive witching guild(?) with a focus on the occult and the obscure.

This isn't a Halloween party or a Wiccan hugfest for Mother Earth. This is straight-up Dark Arts Raw Magic. 

This is no University of mages - no gathering of cuckolded scholars.


There are no rules save brutal ferocious loyalty to each other and the coven.

All sentient creatures are welcome to apply for protection and servitude within our mountain citadel.




We are an equal opportunities guild(?).


More info coming. PM if curious.

Edited by Deloria


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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A bit of background: 


This is a guild concept I had for SotA  but i moved to here and and really I hope it would work here :)


I was a bit reluctant to call it a guild - since really I think a dedicated RP-only guild would struggle a bit at the more competitive aspects of the game. But I'm totally open to suggestions on the best way to do things. Maybe we could be allied with some larger guilds?


I prefer to think of this concept as establishing a little gated RP community: maybe something that might fit snugly into FLA: I really love the community idea and think roleplayers might find it eaier to gravitate to each other if we shared a few themes. Also I think theres nothing worse than being an RPer wandering round trying to find others to RP with.. better to be close neighbours :P


Nothing is yet set in stone. If you're an RPer with a few interesting ideas then I would love to hear from you.  


Also please note this guild isn't "witches only" - the idea is more of a township that has close ties to the occult.. As a way to explain the unholy / unnatural / magical aspects of the game: Life and death magic, necromancy and the dark arts under a veil of superstition and closely guarded secrets. 


I would also be interested in Rp'ers who are interested in conflicting RP: Maybe we can set ourselves up as antogonists to your witch hunters or religious zealots?




Techy details:


This guild is a work in progress. I will be putting my KS stuff to it and I upgraded so I have both the mountain citadel (2016) and a small castle (KS). 


If you would be interested in tieing your Eks to mine or putting stuff together so we could apply for FLA or something that would also be very nice.


I started a site for RP: www.crowfallrp.com and I guess we could make a sub forum for the guild - or really any RP group. At the moment its not used for much though.


Anyway give me a shout if any of this is interesting. I would also be veyr interested if you have ideas on how to make it better.


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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The Witchery shall be hosted in the Eternal Kingdom of Rhime.




We currently have a Mountain Citadel and will place iut adjacent to an PvP realm called the cauldron: A small castle plot. We also have  some nice kickstarter bonuses including guild hall, cathedral, and various buildings.



Edited by Deloria


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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