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Gender variations part 2 - Official discussion thread

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I like the designs, definitely cool-looking. 


I notice the champ's legs are still short, will we continue to see them running around comically on those stubby legs?


Yea, I'd prefer that the Champ were a bit more human looking. That torso is just a bit too large for the rest of his body.


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Gotta say I do love that the girls have actual gear in this, not that I personally care that much but when someone in bra and panties is taking axes to the chest in other games I'm a lil like tf about it. These look awesome though!

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We’ve recently seen a number of people asking if there will be gender-related bonuses or penalties. The answer is no, they are functionally identical (i.e. male and female Assassins will be equally lethal. Their differences are merely cosmetic, with the genders having armor and equipment that suits their body types and combat functions.


why is there a stat for "damage bonus: males" then...............




also............what applies to archetypes like myrm and stalker - "damage bonus: beast or humanoid"

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It's a bug that truncated the full text. It should read, "Damage Bonus: Tamales", for battles involving delicious Mexican food.


When I eat Mexican food the battle is always a day or so later. 


the battle is over...but the war has begun!



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Love the concepts for them! :D


But I fear you guys will face the same criticizes that plaqued Wildstar for all of beta and a month after launch:


Body sliders.


Will there be body sliders (or at least different body presets)?


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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