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Recapping the redemption and sale - Official discussion thread


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Mmmh, that wasnt a bug, it was major general blindspot by ACE. From veterans of the industry, I would have expected much more or better. But you can of course always make up for it with a great game experience.  :)



This is also a reminder that we are going to make mistakes along the way.  We’re a small team trying to do a nearly impossible task: build an MMO as an independent studio.


But what should people like the creators of upcoming MMOs with much less financial resources then even say, like Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Divergence Online or Chronicles of Elyria.


Well, its ok, we all make mistakes. Let more people take a look at things next time. Still love this place here.

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After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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still wondering if I'll be able to maintain the small castle once I start playing the game.... would kind of suck if I had to wait to actually use it...

Still, thanx for the update :P

Me too. I read that there is no maintenance costs on the stronghold itself but I still don't have a grasp of how the "tax" system will work overall.

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What shall i say -- i love it.

The community fullfilled their part in finding and solving issues during this development process, implying the web development. The ACE founders themselves acted fast, even on a weekend. They still didn't refuse to give their backers the opportunity to make more out of their pledges. And they communicate problems after they have found their way. Maybe not in detail, but at least generally.

Some people may still complain openly or behind the shadows, but i just love their attitude. They have done well. I think that most people haven't realized yet (and maybe never will) how much ACE gifted most of their most dedicated backers, how fast they solved real problems under high pressure, how negatively touched they have been and nevertheless did refuse to fight it out on the back of the little man. That's just great and i can't do anything else but to applaud to the spirit they have shown.

Thanks for that.

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2017 Launch Packages! *Gasp*


I'm happy with the Stronghold purchases I made even if I kind of regret not buying more now because of the crazy parcel prices. (Well, I kind of saw the Parcel prices in the store when it was kind of buggy~)

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You are (in aggregate) smart...


...our early, most faithful (and more risk tolerant) backers...


We continue to be impressed with the Crowfall® audience.


Right back at ya!


You know... in aggregate.   :D

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Proud member of The Hunger

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I haven't been active since the kickstarter, other than to upgrade a fort to a small castle and to buy a second small castle (more playing pieces!).  I love reading about Hunger Dome and Siege Perilous and I'm genuinely happy for ACE that they are seeing their vision come alive.. but I thought the Kickstarter parcels were tax-free?  I'm not sure, in this world, how I grind to support a virtual infrastructure and I'm not sure that I would or could.  Few of my friends will play because of the top-down, over-the-should perspective (they are die-hard first-person perspective enthusiasts).


In the end, I supported the Kickstarter because I wanted to help some folk see their dream come alive, to realize their vision.  I figured one day I'd build a keep, it would sit mostly empty except for a few smug, fat pack animals and some ancient attendants, and hopefully one day I'd find some time to play a few campaigns.  It would be sad that if while I was off in foreign lands, I came back to find my property had been seized by the King, tax collectors were driving my peasants into the hills and Plan B was to be an outlaw in my own forest.

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I don't think those Keep parcels have any maintenance at all. It's the buildings you put on them that will have maintenance.


(I think)


You are right, according to the FAQ:




Buildings have a recurring maintenance cost. (We use the word “tax” because it’s easier to say than “recurring maintenance cost”.) The base cost is different for each type of building.


Stronghold parcels do not have a direct tax. Instead, they apply a multiplier to the building(s) placed on that land. Resource parcels that are adjacent to the stronghold have two effects. First, they increase the occupancy rate of the stronghold parcel: How many buildings can I place there? Second, they adjust the tax rate of the buildings placed in the stronghold parcel.


If your taxes fall into arrears, the buildings on the land will begin to degrade (but the parcel itself does not; for example, a Medium Keep parcel isn’t directly taxed, so it never downgrades.)


If a building fully degrades, it won’t disappear but instead goes to rank 0, the “Ruined” state. At that point, the building becomes unusable (and stops incurring additional taxes).


You only can repair and upgrade your buildings using in-game resources (i.e. the resources that come primarily from campaigns).



So the parcels are not taxed, but what about Castle Walls? Lodges? Throne rooms? Are those all buildings that degrade?


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