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Domain of Mazzaroth


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Domain of Mazzaroth


Greetings and Welcome!


Modeled after and as competition to the FLA, the Domain of Mazzaroth is being founded similarly as a kingdom open to the masses, aimed at providing a rival trade hub, RP grounds and social gathering area. More details will be ironed out in the future.


Monarch: Kalus Konkwest

Administration: Domunation

Domain Oversight: Grand Council (see below)

Pax Oversight: Council of Regents

Tax Rate: Very Low (as low as possible for self-sufficiency)



  • 1 Imperial Palace - Free City of Pax
  • more to come


  • Domunation (administrators)
  • more to come

Grand Council

  • Kalus Konkwest - Domunation
  • more to come

Council of Regents

  • more to come


The crown jewel of Mazzaroth will be Pax, a Free City built around an Imperial Palace that is open for all, run by the guild Domunation and ruled according to the edicts of the Grand Council. The surrounding lands of Mazzaroth will be ruled by the Council of Regents, who will be made up of those that have contributed to the kingdom. Membership on the Grand Council will be granted to members of guilds of sufficient size or individuals of influence as decided by the monarch. A dedicated presence on the Council of Regents will be awarded to any guild or individual that grants a parcel toward the lands of Mazzaroth. There will be areas set aside both within Kesh and in the surrounding lands for PvP activities and trade. RP will be highly encouraged throughout the kingdom. 

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:: The Blasted Lands ::

Location: Northwest of Pax

Ecosystem: Desert

Description: Few types of life are able to survive in this twisted wasteland, and nearly all of them will try to kill you given the chance. Kill or be killed is the only law of this savage domain.



:: Bleakwind Grove ::

Location: Northeast of Pax (and bordering, slightly engulfing, the city)

Ecosystem: Dense Forest

Description: The veil between worlds thins in domain allowing the spirits of those snuffed by The Hunger to slip through and cry out eternally. Those that take heed of their words are forever lost to despair and soon themselves join the Lost of the Grove. 



:: Infinite Twilight :: 

Location: West of Pax

Ecosystem: Otherworldly

Description: Also simply called Twilight. Little is known about this strange domain, it is as shrouded in mystery as it is in never ending darkness. The oppressive gloom seems almost alive in it's restless attempts to scour away any source of light or life.

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