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Short Story Competition Entry - Sephyxia


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Crowfall Short Story Competition






I have been to countless worlds with a different host, but always the same purpose - to destroy. I have risen to power a thousand times over, but my goal has always been the same - to eradicate. I have lived the lives of my hosts over and over, but never had I lived my own.


I open my eyes to take another look at my surroundings. Blood. It is the same sight that I am greeted with every time I take a moment to take in the environment. It matters not whether the location was a snowy mountain, a quiet forest or even a busy town, everything is always painted with the crimson spatter of blood.


I wish there was something else. Something more.


"Commander, we have the battalions ready to engage. The Archmagi are also ready to lay siege and burn all the inhabitants. We have made sure that there is no escape and no chance for them to reanimate." A soldier informed me. This was the last city within the continent. All the other cities, villages and towns have all been destroyed. Every single man, woman, child and non-human were to be all annihilated and burned to ashes.


Yes, my child. Kill them all. Let their blood soak the ground! The Hunger must be stalled!


The voice echoed within my head, a voice that could never be tuned out, a voice that could never be defied and a voice that held my very soul.


Your will be done, Mistress Yaga.


"All units will engage on my signal." I commanded. A single magical flare and this whole city would be wiped out.


This world was weak. Half of the world was already under my own control. Having the princess of the most powerful kingdom as a host had made the task too easy. Usurping the throne and mobilizing their legions took this world by surprise.


I had felt the feeling of emptiness, guilt and remorse, once upon a time, but after I had ordered billions of lives purged in every single world, there just wasn't much feeling left. Killing and commanding armies was now a reflex that I did not even have to consciously do it to succeed.


This city would burn and then this continent would be cleansed of the Hunger, at least, for a while. I was about to close my eyes and tone out everything when a sound caught my ear.




The soldiers around me waited for the signal to begin the siege, but had no one heard the laughter?


I ignored the calls around me as I made my way into the forest just beyond the city to follow the incessant sound. The siege could wait. The city had been closed off by the blockade, but leaving a living being alive would be detrimental to the cleansing of the land.


The giggling grew louder. I took out my enchanted blade with my right hand while channeling a massive spell with my other. The sound unnerved me for some reason, but I had no reason to stop.


After a minute of going through the trees, there was a clearing. A clearing? There wasn't supposed to be a clearing in this area.


"Hi!" My eyes quickly zeroed in on a person sitting on a fallen log. My first urge was decapitate the small girl and set her remains on fire to save her soul from being reanimated, but it was not just a girl.


I quickly strolled forward, sword returned back in my sheathe and spell in hand dissipated. The girl had glowing tresses of fiery red hair that seemed to shift between all the colors of the morning sun. The huge smile and the olive green eyes sparkling with interest even if the stench of death was nearly everywhere, it was obvious who this was.


"Goddess Cybele." I went down on one knee to show respect for one of the Trinity Goddesses, but that would be the only respect given. "This is not your world, Goddess. Mistress Yaga has taken claim over this realm." The Pantheon of Gods had somehow divided the worlds upon themselves to do what they wished, however, every so often there was a... conflict of interest.


"Shush! Don't talk about granny! She might just appear!" The Virgin Goddess gasped, but it was obvious the she was joking as she continued to giggle.


"Please take my advice and leave, Goddess." I stood up, turned around and began to walk away from the clearing. Nothing ever good came out with dealing with the gods. Nothing.


Before I could leave, the ground shook, the trees rumbled and the winds blew. All of a sudden, I was restrained within vines. I tried to unsheathe my sword and to ignite my magic, but I couldn't do anything. I had the power to destroy and kill billions, but the gods had powers that could wipe out worlds.


"Nuh uh!" The Goddess appeared right in front of me waving a finger, still with her big grin, but I could see the sharpness and intelligence behind her stare. "Aren't you tired of this? All this death and destruction?" Her voice seemed to take a more somber tone, a tone that should have struck a chord within my host's heart, but I felt nothing.


Death and destruction was why I was made. It was why I was created. It was my purpose. I knew there was no point in answering the Goddess as they always could read Crows so very easily.


Crows. Toys of the gods. Playthings and chess pieces to the upper beings.

Cybele moved closer and touched my armor. I could see my armor and my weapons all dissolve into nothing and was replaced by a simple dress similar to her own.




It was a feeling that I knew of, but could never remember the last time it was felt. For some reason, the Goddess' touch allowed me to feel.


Do not listen to that foolish girl!


I closed my eyes as the scream of the Goddess of Magic echoed sharply in my head. I could feel the power of her magic and the pain that went straight through my vessel. I could feel the blood seeping out my eyes, ears and mouth as Yaga tried to destroy my host in order to retrieve my being.


The pain disappeared all of a sudden and I could feel a warm body pressed into my own. I opened my eyes and realized I was kneeling on the ground with the Virgin Goddess' arms wrapped around my body and the restraints all gone.


"Listen to your heart." Cybele had somehow distorted or disconnected the link to Yaga.


"I have no heart. I am a Crow." A soul taken by the gods and made immortal to do their bidding.


"Not just any. You are one of the few that lasted this long. One of the few Crows that give the gods pause. One of the few Crows that have the capability to ascend." The Virgin Goddess' words somehow empowered me. I knew this was no more than a another game to the gods, but somehow I could not come to care.


"Grandmother has made you too powerful that it has caused you to grow. However, she has also stunted your growth just enough to keep you under control and to keep you shackled." I looked up into Cybele's eyes and the sudden depth in them was just staggering.


I could feel that her words spoke true, the whispering of the Reaper were gone. I suddenly felt conflicted. It was something new, something I have never dreamed of ever having...


... a choice.


"What do you wish of me, Goddess?" I looked at the Goddess with a blank expression, millennia of being controlled was not easy to dismiss. Along with the feeling of having a choice came the feelings of doubt. Was I about to just exchange one master for another?


"I wish nothing of you. I only wish that you seek your own path. Find your calling while uncontrolled." The Goddess finally let me out of her arms. She looked at me with a knowing expression. "What do you wish for yourself?"


The question gave me pause. What do I wish for myself? I could see memories of the things that I've done, the only things that I've done.


The death of billions.


Burning countless worlds.


Infinite cries in the sea of blood.


Do I wish to continue on with what I have been doing?


The Goddess has given me clarity. The mental restraints from Yaga were all but torn down. I could feel the remorse and the guilt flood me with all the acts I have done in the name of saving the worlds from the Hunger. I knew I could not go only destroying.


"I wish to learn. I wish to grow. I wish to decide for myself." I've been in shackles my whole life and wanted to learn why I had to destroy.


A small smile graced Cybele as she nodded. "So be it." My eyes widened in surprise as the Virgin Goddess gave a swift peck on my lips and suddenly my world exploded. Splashes of colors that I couldn't recognized danced across my vision and I could somehow feel my body being destroyed and reformed all at the same time.


It felt like a century had passed before the colors dissipated and I was left on my knees again, panting for breath right by a lake I did not recognize.


"I have remade you to have your own body, little Crow. I've let you retain your powers, but I have also augmented them with my own." I could hear the Goddess' voice, but could not see her anywhere.


I stood up and gazed into the lake and the reflection of a young lady with milky white hair was in the clear water staring back with soft olive irises. I flexed my arms and channeled the magic that I could feel coursing within my veins. I brought both my hands closer and realized that one hand crackled with raw devastating elemental magics, but the other... the other glowed with the essence of life.


"You need to learn more before ascension, my Druid." Cybele's melodic voice slowly faded into nothing and the only thing left of her presence was several multicolored flowers scattered on the ground.


I looked around and knew that I was deposited in an unknown world, but it mattered not. My will is my own and I shall still battle the Hunger, but in my own way.


I took one flower from the ground and watched as it bloomed by my power and withered away into nothing by my power.


Life and Death.


I have a choice.





Submission for: Crowfall Epic Short Story Competition

Words: 1,803

Archetype - Druid

Goddess of Magic - Yaga (Formerly shackled to.)

Virgin Goddess - Cybele (Currently devoted to.)


AN: So, I was a bit bored and this seemed a bit fun to do. I just thought all of this up on the spot and just wanted to share. (Maybe I should have waited and thought about this for a few more days but~ Oh well!)


Hopefully, my spelling and grammar isn't too bad. The spacing after copy pasting from word is dreadful by the way. Not really a writer even though I like writing Fanfiction~ :)


- Sephyxia

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Being *the first* always takes an extra dose of courage. 


Kudos Sephy!


Thanks! It was honestly fun writing something for Crowfall~


It would be nice if the Devs made more community contests and stuff. Helping with the Lore no matter how small would be awesome.


Cybele is <3.

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it would be nice to have a link to the contest thread within the first posting. might help others to participate.


Oh good point x.x I should have done that, but the rules say I can't edit it.


So, I'll just put it here.


Link to the Contest: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13363-the-most-awesom-crowfall-compititon-in-the-histori-of-the-wurld/

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