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*Invent an Archetype*

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Just for giggles: Invent an archetype you would like in the game.
Yeah this obviously doesn't have to be *too serious*.
A sentient badger race with steampunk armour thats armed with a gunpowder-fueled rocket launcher.
Launchers can also be deployed like little turrets for setting up defenses.
Inspiration: The little GI dudes from conkers bad fur day.

Crossbow wielding marksman wierdo that can harvest a variety of ammunition types - including live critters - from various nests and such.
Inspiration: Stranger from Oddworld: Strangers wrath.
(When I was a kid Strangers wrath was my only game. I would gladly give a set of lungs to see this guy in game!)


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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Here's my thought process:

OOH- A SHAPECHANGER-- Wait, we already have a druid (doesn't really shape change) and we will have a werewolf discipline.

Bad idea.

But still.. it'd be so cool. An archetype dedicated to various shape shifting abilities that would make them a versatile archetype throughout an entire campaign. There could be a dozen or so possible shapes they could shift into but could only learn a few of them.


Of the Hawk People

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Some old ones.


T h e   H a m s t a u r

"of noble steed"


Role: Tank

Strength ooo  -  Dexterity oo  -  Intellect o  -  Spirit oooo



My name is Dissus Hilarius. I was born to be a noble Steed. I knew it the first moment my clammy eyes opened after my birth. Though i was born with claws instead of hooves, i knew it would just be a matter of time. So i did wait. I waited a long, long time.

My brothers were laughing their asses off, telling me without cease that i was a hamster. What ignorance. What blasphemy! What an insult! I was on the edge of totally freaking out, when one of them said 'Yes, you will be a noble steed -- as soon as the world ends.'  And they laughed even louder. But i calmed down. For even in my younger days i knew: If one thing is for sure, then that the end always will come, some day.

So i sat down and waited. Then i stood up an prepared myself. Then i sat down and waited again. And so on and so forth.

But it was not until "this winter" ended, that i met my true destiny. The world had gotten cold. Colder than usual. All around my people were crying, shouting that the end was near. Things were transforming wierdly. Everywhere chaos and destruction, weeping and despair. But not with me. For i, and i only, knew what this meant. So now it was me to laugh and i asked them what they would prefer to be when the world ends: A weeping hamster or a noble steed? Satisfied i turned my back on them and waited for my true destiny to come. And it came.

My name is Dissus Hilarius. I died to be a noble Steed. I knew it the first moment my frozen eyes opened after my death. Though i was reborn with the head of a hamster instead of a horse and i am technically a hamstaur, i knew it will just be a matter of time. For i learned: If you laugh into fates ugly face, then reaching your goals is just a matter of time an faith. Nothing will hold me from reaching my goals.


T h e   B a k e r p i g

"tough cookie"


Role: Specialist

Strength oooo  -  Dexterity ooo  -  Intellect oo  -  Spirit o



Bit late, aren't ye laddy? Ter late. Bet ye never gave yer Baker a thought before, huh? Shoulda done. Was already out here an collectin my fees, while you were startin to snuggel with your lil princess blanket.

No man, i'm a man of deeds. In my job theres a saying: When you come, i'm already done. So go on an pick the rest of the breadcrumbs i left.

What yer meaning, wanna take mine instead. Boy, with me yer trying ter bite of more from the cookie than you can chew. I must know, i MADE the effing cookie, understand? See this rolling pin? When i'm done with ye, ye wont have to give biting any thought anymore. Yer friends will be able to pull you from one room into another without opening the door.

Yeah, run. RUN! Next time i see you, i'll teach ye the real meaning of beeing flat broke! Damned late risers. Always the same riot. Never learned to eat humble pie.




T h e R i s e n

"oh gods not again"


Role: Specialist

Strength oooo  -  Dexterity ooo  -  Intellect oo  -  Spirit 10





I know you think you killed me. Dead dead dead but you forgot didn't you, you forgot and now you're going to regret it.  Let me weave my cold thin fingers through your hair, let me whisper damp promises into your ear. You killed me but here I am and now you're the one going to fall.

And then you'll wish you too could Rise but you can't can you?  You can't summon your shattered flesh, coalesce it into a close approximation of your former body and hurl yourself once more into the fray.  Because you're cursed, you're cursed not me. You're cursed with but one life and a body that dies.

So tremble, knock kneed feeble one.  Tremble as I kill you once and forever.


See what i did there Deloria? xD I know, i am mean. But it was just to funny. xD

Edited by Kraahk

EU-Support-Guild (no ingame management)
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Hahaha, yeah ... but I'm not at liberty to discuss it with you because of your higher post count. :o


I think a Doppleganger class would be freakin' epic ... but it wouldn't last forever and could cause complete and utter chaos on the battlefield.


... which would be .. AWESOME.

Edited by Hook_PLGC
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Melder, Shifter of Bodies.


Role: Support Specialist


Overview: The Melder can travel between ally bodies giving buffs and casting spells while within them. The Melder uses 'Soul' as a resource and can be generated while within an ally body.


Support: The Melder can replenish life to whichever ally they are in passively and can also cast buffs. The Melder can also summon weaker fake souls of past bodies inhabited to aid them in battle.


Offense: The Melder can choose to enter an enemies body to deal area damage and weaken the enemy, but their 'Soul' resource will drain. It can be risky since jumping bodies will have a limited range. If 'Soul' runs out before transferring to an allied body, the Melder will be pushed out and left vulnerable.


Ultimate: If the Melder reaches full resource, the Melder can use all their resource to deal massive amounts of AOE healing and damage in a huge area around their host. This can only be done within an ally.


Seemed like an interesting take on a support class. The main idea of the class came from Abathur from Starcraft 2 who is a playable character in Heroes of the Storm.

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That  feeling you get when you're sure that post you made was really socks and you had all sorts of angst about it but but then it turns into all sorts of awesome cos *people are awesome.*




Also: thats a totes new archetype:


Killer Kitty.


Specialties include heart-attack-inducing-cuteness and *Hugz of death instakill megaassault to the knee*.

Battlecry: *I nomm on your finger rawr!*


Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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Str      1

Dex    3

Int      4

Spirit  2


Role: Crafter


Overview: The Artisan eschews all forms of offensive combat training in order to concentrate solely on their craft


just a thought about an archetype that doesn't have to "waste" skill points on non-crafting skills.  Their General skill trees they could take crafting type skills, but the Artisan Archetype would 


example taken from the Artisan class in Star Wars Galaxies (which was actually like the general tree here) and the specialist classes in SWG (Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Architect, etc) could be the disciplines

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Well I'd like to see an Orc Shaman archetype, Similar to Ner'Zul from WoW. Orcs are my favourite race in pretty much every fantasy game i've played, if Orcs became a thing in Crowfall it would definitely seal the deal for me, it would add a more Tribal kind of archetype that we can choose from and I think we do need a few more Archetypes to choose from.

This Orc Shaman would be a ranged DPS archetype calling upon the elements to defeat his opponent, this Orc would be strong so not easy to kill but still be able to dish out a good amount of damage, of all the spellcaster archetypes (Frostweaver, Confessor) the Shaman will be the strongest of the three therefore the hardest to kill but might not be able to do as much damage as the confessor or frostweaver for example.

Obviously this isn't an invented archetype nor is it really fun but I just thought i'd like to point out something i'd like to see in the game :D


Edited by werzal
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