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Hook - A [Legion] Member


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Hello all. This post should have been done before I started posting in other threads - but I felt like diving head first into the forums and just recently came up for air to drop in and formally introduce myself.


I started taking in interest in video games at the ripe old age of 7 years old when my brother began making me type lines of BASIC code from our Computer magazine into the Commodore64. The tiresome and boring task didn't really seem so tiresome and boring when I was rewarded with the gameplay ... and that's why I can stomach Korean MMO imports today.  ;)

I've often gone by the name of 'Spider' in other MMORPGs (Asheron's Call, WoW, City of Heroes) but when ArcheAge came out I had grand visions of becoming a pirate on the high seas and took the name Hook. The fact that pirate life was a let down and it became evidently clear that ArcheAge was Pay-To-Win - combined with the sheer amount of griefing and exploiting that was going on ended up making me leave the game.


ArcheAge, however, introduced me to a new concept for online gaming. After watching the game spin into a downward spiral and the people that I enjoyed playing video games with started disappearing, I approached one of my allies in ArcheAge (Dragahkriin) and started the process of developing a gaming community that would be larger than just one particular game. I wanted to create something that allowed friends to play together across many games and strengthen the bond of friendship for years ... and from the ashes of a broken MMO, The Phoenix Legion Gaming Community was formed. I've helped grow our community of 40 gamers into a cumulative gaming group of a few hundred people in less than 18 months and we're very proud of the number of upstanding, helpful, smart, dedicated and competitive gamers that we're bringing with us to Crowfall.


I consider myself a people person. I'm very social and I love to engage in friendly banter on the forums. In my eyes, everyone starts with a clean slate. I generally treat people with respect until I'm disrespected. I believe that the amount of assholishness that surfaces in MMO forum conversations these days when people start being all condescending and ignorant to each other needs to be cleaned up for a community to thrive. 

  • I believe in fair and strict forum moderation.
  • I expect people to follow the rules.
  • I enjoy diplomatic communications in video games.
  • I enjoy crafting.
  • I enjoy administration / organizational roles in guilds. 


(( My type A personality doesn't make me an exceptional member as I'm used to having my hands into the leadership pie - but as I enter my 40s in real life I'm making a concerted effort to change my play style and simply help when I'm needed or asked to. ))


  • I protect my friends.
  • I don't lie or make stuff up.
  • I'm a dedicated and loyal friend.
  • I'll sometimes talk your ear off.
  • I've been referred to on more than one occasion as a bully (mostly by people half my age).
  • I'm not a bully.
  • ..... Seriously Mitz, geez. Let it go.  ;)

While I'm a new poster to the forums here at Crowfall, I've followed the game for a little over a year and have been reading these forums for a long, long time. I was excited when members of [PLGC] approached leadership about their ideas for a guild in Crowfall and I'm ecstatic to watch [Legion] grow and help nurture it into something that we can be very proud of years down the road.


It's a pleasure to meet each and every one of you. I'm always available for PMs and don't be afraid to say hello if you see me in your test lobby chatroom, watching your Twitch stream, poking you with sticks in-game, or slowly advancing my post count on the forums to be considered worthy by the local curmudgeons.


PS: This post is a copy/paste of another post ... because I wanted to participate in another thread as well as create my own intro post in the proper forum. :)

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Welcome! Hope Crowfall scratches all of your itches.


Thanks - I'm really hopeful that the devs don't rush things for the sake of appeasing people who don't understand how long things take. The important thing is that they get it RIGHT. 

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Welcome and good way to get your post count up  ;)


Yeah - I certainly want to ensure that I inflate my post count so that my opinion can start being valid. Maybe one day I'll have 10,000 posts and then all of the newcomers can kneel before my forum god statue. ;) 

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