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Discord Commander


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I am looking for some feedback on a concept I'm working on with another community member. Obviously this is being designed specifically with Crowfall in mind to help in managing alliance and guild activities in a battlefield situation. 


I'm up for listening to new ideas, ui/ux feedback and more. The more the merrier....


Discord Commander 

#Discord Based Raid Management Tool Powered by Discord.js, Node, and RethinkDB.


DiscordCommander is a one of a kind second-screen experience which utilizes the Discord app to send live-streaming information directly to your screen. It's designed to accomplish key objectives;


Planned Features:

  1. Get a real-time overview of your raid or guild; who is active, who is offline, and who is AFK at a glance. No more Ready Checks!
  2. Organize your guild into groups; even have Discord create private chat/voice rooms that only the individual group members can join.
  3. Assign tasks to the groups and allow them to report their progress directly to your screen.
  4. Share the page with your raid, they'll only see the group that they were assigned to, to help keep their assigned task and priorities in focus.
  5. Modular; use your favorite MMOs API to integrate information streams directly to your group or commander views.

All of this can will be achieved merely by inviting discordCommander to your Discord server and installing the easy to install web interface!


Front End UI Prototype:

So a couple notes on the rough draft: 

  • Exclamation mark means a group has something wrong with it (idle->orange bg character names, offline->red bg character names)
  • The target icon means a group has an assigned task and is working towards accomplishing it.
  • The thumbs up icon means a group has completed its task, whereas a thumbs down icon would mean it has failed.
  • The guild icon and name are imported directly from your guilds discord server.
  • Members who are present within a specific channel will be show up on this screen. You can group from within discord by executing a command or by dragging and dropping people in the interface.
  • Squad names can be changed, but default to anything I want to include in the defaults ;p
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Last time I checked, Charlie was not in the Greek alphabet :P


I think I would prefer progress bars (active / default) over icons, and more colors; colors and patterns are a lot easier to see than small monochrome icons imo.


Also a way to switch guilds if you are attached to multiple (in your case, Hersey and Obsidian).


Aaaand a better logo because we can't steal Discord's :P


but yes I like it weeee~


ed: grammar

Edited by Michael Fedora

"The enemy has found me, Ulic, but the enemy knows only darkness. I know something that enemy does not… I know the Light." ~ Arca Jeth, Star Wars Legends

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Seems like a cool concept. I normally use two monitors so I can easily see who is on and who is not, layout of voice chat groups etc. But the added functions of completed or failed task etc seems to be nice. I can't give you feedback on how useful this will be in Crowfall since I don't know the sort of in-game interface they will have in the end, but I would say for group leaders anything helps.


Guild Leader/ High Elder

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