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Special Alpha event - ACE VS Alpha testers


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I really appreciate that Tyrant spends so much time playing in the tests. Nice to see devs "eating their own dogfood."


An event like this would be fun.


I agree. Tyrant is awesome! He is always very accessible and open to answer questions and take requests. Max has been in quite a few tests as well. 



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Anyone remember back in vanilla WoW that they did something similar?


They made a server that all characters created on it had a level 19 restriction and you got points for your team for the battlegrounds you won and then that weekend blizzard had a group that you could go up against.


I remember it specifically because we were able to run a dungeon that was like level 28 last boss that the quest reward was a blue wand i wanted for my priest(all but quest items had level restrictions, and this was because 'generally' quests had their own level restriction). Took us like 6 hours to finally beat that dungeon (in a game where attacking higher level mobs has extreme penalties). This damn wand i was able to just 3-4 shot people with it, was so funny.


Of course blizzard came in with all the best items you could ever get at level 19(or so they claimed) and was amazingly over powered.

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