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So... how's that Friendly Fire going?

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Ok good, but the Dregs is labeled as FFA and we also know there will in fact be friendlies ie guild affiliations and groups.


So the point I was trying to get at was how does the way in which the Dregs appears to be setup differ from actual FF? So is the Dregs actually mislabeled as FFA when it should be FF?

There are no friendlies in FFA, just because you can make a guild with someone doesn't mean the game determines they are friendly and can not be attacked.  That wouldn't be FFA if it were the case.

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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ACE reads everything. There is no escape. 

Well, tbh investing heavily in to indie game development in any form, was a high risk undertaking from the start. Chances are 99 to 1, ACE currently does not have enough resources to commit to complet

This thread, like a lot of others, is pure speculation from players about what they imagine FF to be / not be. And it has a lot of the characteristics of other threads demanding gameplay features.  

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