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Vigil - [NA] / [PvP - Craft/Market - RP]


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Crowfall is projected to offer gameplay scenarios that the traditional MMO does not offer, such as time-limited PvP campaigns, fealty trees, guild-level city building, and detailed empire-scale economies. Because of this, and after much thought, Imperious and myself (Vigil’s Core Leadership) have decided to ‘start fresh’ with a focus entirely upon Crowfall’s unique features versus trying to get our existing guild organizational structures and systems to fit it. For example, given how Crowfall works we can actually reward members with land allotments and things to put on said land… This is a far cry from simple DKP-type MMO arrangements.


This is not to say that Vigil has left its past behind entirely, as many of the players Imperious and I have worked with over the years will be joining us in our campaigns within Crowfall.


So while Vigil itself is a relatively new initiative, its roots are much, much older. Imperious and I have some forty years of combined MMO leadership experience. We both started out in games like Ultima Online, EverQuest, and Shadowbane, and over the intervening years have led teams through literally dozens of different games… This experience was refined and expanded upon to eventually become organizations such as Ordo Imperialis, which Imperious founded about a decade ago.


We are certain this experience will become evident as you read further though this introduction.




Our Mission:

To formulate and cultivate a community of players who seek to establish and promote an active and expansive regime within the milieu of Crowfall through the Three Pillars of Empire.



Our Method:

Vigil is built upon what we call the “Three Pillars of Empire”: PvP, Crafting and Mercantile, and RP. While there is no requirement to participate in all of the Pillars, we’ve found over the last couple of decades that even the most hardened PvP killing machine, single-minded crafter, or dyed-in-the-wool roleplayer can appreciate the benefits the others bring to the table – as long as it is well managed and they can choose how much interaction they get.


Organizationally Vigil is set up as follows:



Maneuver (PvP) and Support (Crafting) are ‘real work’ elements of being successful in-game, and as such are overseen by HHC with input/control from the various s-shops, depending on tasking. The overall organization though supports the Roleplay aspects of the group, and the RP in-turn generates the ‘texture’ of our little slice of the cosmos.


So the whole thing can be thought of a bit like Painter, Paint and Canvas, and Inspiration – with the end result being a work of art. This work of art is only as good as the constituent parts though; and it falls to us, Vigil’s Leadership, to make sure our members have the best of each part we can offer.




At its core Vigil is a very regimented and military-minded group, and our PvP branch is managed, trained, drilled, and deployed by an active US Army Artillery Officer who also oversees Vigil’s S-3 department. If you are current or ex-military you will find things very familiar with our PvP structures, and it is this format that has been key to our campaign successes in the past.


Player-versus-Player scenarios are one of the Three Pillars of Empire within Vigil, especially in a combat-oriented game like Crowfall. Accordingly, it falls to Vigil’s leadership to ensure that the tools are available within the organization for each member to be the best player they can be – both as an individual and as a member of a team. To this end Vigil focuses on team building for all members, and offers real-world leadership training to anyone seeking to engage in an Officer Track within the organization.


While we expect our members to do their homework in order to learn the ins and outs of their class(es), and to play to the best of their abilities when representing Vigil, it needs to be stressed that Crowfall is about group combat rising from tactical objectives, not single-player death matching. This means the individual player is only as good as the team they are with. In this, we expect our members to be team players and actively engaged in the betterment of the group’s performance.



Crafting and Mercantile:

If PvP is the vehicle used to project Vigil’s power and protect its holdings, crafting and mercantile is the fuel it runs on – especially in a game like Crowfall where everything is crafted by players and then decays with use (or disuse).


We have some very hardcore crafting and mercantile folks on staff who eat, breathe, and sleep spreadsheets, formulas, and the miscellany of making a virtual buck in an MMO. It’s easy to see that in-game economies and the ebb and flow of merchandise is one of the Three Pillars of Empire within Vigil.


Vigil’s crafting details are currently tentative pending more information from ACE on how crafting will actually work, but the general gist is as follows:


Vigil’s core crafting teams are broken down into divisions of labor based on a pyramid structure. The basis of the structure is material acquisition through gathering or commerce, which responds to either the war department (arms, armor, vessels, spells, potions, etc) or the facilities department (walls, buildings, roads, etc). The whole branch is overseen by S-4 with input from the other s-shops with regard to current wants / needs.


S-4 manages organization material stores and both acquires and releases material via the free market by-way of an organized mercantile group.


Individual crafters are issued work orders from S-4 and supplied with the materials to fill said order. Individual crafters are then paid for filling these work orders in material allowances beyond the manufacturing requirements. This allows crafters to work ‘on the side’ to promote their craft in the free market while still fulfilling the needs of the organization and while avoiding the need to gather PvP-Area materials - if desired.




Roleplay is the last of the Three Pillars of Empire for Vigil, and the story of the Selentine Empire is leveraged to give both a recognizable image and a sense of purpose to Vigil’s operations. While role-playing has always been a core part of our past guild and group endeavors, the choice to participate in it, and how much, is entirely up to the player.


The Selentine Empire is a true hegemonic empire formed from the political combining of four kingdoms in the distant, murky past. The Empire currently exists as a fully-functional parliamentary monarchy complete with legal codex and ratified constitution, and offers literal books of backstory for anyone wishing to pursue such things.


How we will integrate the ongoing tales of this political powerhouse is as of yet undecided as we need ACE to release a bit more of the Lore of Crowfall to fit the pieces together. Once we have this key information though, Vigil’s lore will be made available for perusal.


The overall RP setting, story, and the diplomatic functions that arise from them are managed by S-9 as part of the media and message tasking for the department.



Integrity and Image:

We achieve our mission through our Integrity and our Image through our reputation. Accordingly, we expect our membership to maintain a high level of decorum with regard to other players and organizations - regardless of the actions others may deem appropriate. This means there will never be any disparagement of other players or groups via a public medium from one of our members, and going against this is grounds for reprimand.


Any issues arising from interpersonal or guild-level actions will be managed via Vigil’s diplomatic corps. Simply bring your issue to anyone in S-9, and let them handle the diplomacy in order to present a unified image.




So what does this mean for you, oh curious reader?


We estimate that Crowfall is about 200 days out from release at this time, and this post aligns with our R-200 gate. R-200 is when we start publicly talking about what we have planned and answering questions about how we plan to do it.


At R-170 we will transition to open recruitment. Being as our focus is on Crowfall, we will be looking for players who are heavily interested / invested in Crowfall and what we are planning here, and looking to get in on the ground floor - but aren’t so flush with free time that not having someone to kill every night is a detractor to the overall idea… We’re still half a year out from release at the R-170 point.


At R-170 we will also be starting the weekly sync on our TeamSpeak to both elicit feedback and ideas on Crowfall and Vigil itself. This also serves to get folks used to each other on voice; gamers are a rather eclectic crowd with a monstrously diverse background, and it’s always great to get to know everyone.


We will be announcing our intents and goals with future R-Gates, so stay tuned!

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Thank you for taking the time to give our corner of the guild forum a look over. As one half of the Vigil's founding leadership, I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to the community and lay down the foundation as to what potential members can expect from me.


To start with, a bit about my credentials. In the world of gaming, I started my adventures back in early Ultima Online as a bit of a solo wanderer. Eventually, a great group of guys by the name of Fallen Lords swept me up and demonstrated the power of coordinated destruction. From there, I rode the Ultima wave until it fizzled and dabbled in the equally awesome world of Shadowbane with the guild Pain for Hire. Alas, that wonderful game eventually bit the dust as well. Star Wars: Galaxies got its share of love from me. Of course, World of Warcraft got a little too. Most recently, ArcheAge held my interest for a long period whilst sailing the high seas with the Brethren pirates.


My guild leadership experience began in earnest in 2006 with the organization the Ordo Imperialis. The group spent its first six years deeply invested in the Second Life Military Community, before transitioning to a full spectrum group with branches in a number of MMO genres. By 2013, I passed the reigns to focus on my professional life. Career wise, I am a proud member of the United States Army and have had the privilege of serving as an Field Artillery officer. Blowing things up for a living is pretty awesome. Prior to this, I was a fraud analyst for a major bank who spent his days catching credit card and identity thieves.


To me, guild leadership is an opportunity to do great things with great people. I have a passion for meeting interesting individuals, developing great schemes, and overcoming obstacles. While the Vigil draws a lot of influence from my military habits (and any veteran or current service member will find comfortable familiarity in our structure), I do not take myself anywhere near as seriously as one might assume. The Vigil intends to succeed and to play hard, but there is a large emphasis on that all important word: play. You and I are all here to have a good time, and my leadership philosophy will reflect that. There's nothing saying structure and organizing the chaos has to translate into unwarranted rigidness.


I believe a great deal in the pillars of leadership, and will strive to shape the decision making process of the group around them:




Myself and the other Vigil leaders exist to facilitate and empower the membership. At the end of the day, our goal is to create a living framework in which a large body of motivated individuals may work together to accomplish major tasks. At my core, I promise all current and future members of the guild to exhibit conviction, commitment, and credibility.

  • Conviction will be found in the directives I emplace, and the leaders I entrust with the guild's various facets. Every member will be held to the same standard, afforded the same opportunities, and treated with the same respect.
  • Commitment will be exhibited in the time investment and financial contributions made by the guild's leadership. We will place the group as primary concern in our available free time, and ensure that the organization is never troubled by uncertainty.
  • Credibility will be the cornerstone of our operation. Promotions, awards, and all manners of guild function will be as transparent as practical to the group membership.

I look forward to building a great powerhouse with those who decide to join us, as much as I look forward to interacting with those who opt not to. I have no doubt Crowfall has a rich and exciting future ahead of it.


See you all around!


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I am part of this team. I've been part of Imperious' and Raeshlavik's projects for three or four years now.


Like the previous, by credentials: During the 2000s, I was mostly seen around Horizons/Istaria in the test server, and the main roleplaying server. After, and between multiple stints of it, I puttered between WoW, EVE, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, Rift and Guild Wars, before coming to a halt at Everquest 2 for a couple years, taking part in the leadership of Veth Lear.


I've been  an officer or leadership member in quite a few places during my time. In MMOs, this was mostly in Veth Lear and administration on a private WoW server. For the last few years, it's been in various areas in Second Life as a sim administrator/security/graveyard shift to coordinating roleplay and events. This petered off, as I undertook the role of assistant/supervisor at a factory. I've recently returned back to school to undertake a Bachelor of Criminal Justice.


Despite what my personality may have people assume (dry as the Simpson desert), I take the success of projects seriously. I believe that Vigil will succeed in its goals, and that both current and future members will find benefit in joining us towards them. I take development as one of the most important parts of leadership, not just personally, but for everyone above and below.


I put all my faith behind Imperious and Raeshlavik. They are easily the two most trustworthy and driven people I know. That is to say; their ideas work. This is to be expected.

I look forward to meeting the future members of the guild. I will see you in The Night Shifttm.


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*is roughly shoved into the spotlight by unseen hands from offstage, and begins reading from a prepared statement*


“Um… My captors want two million dollars in unmarked currency delivered to a nearby municipal airport along with a fueled helicopter and …”


*looks offstage for a moment before pointing to the paper he’s holding with a puzzled expression*


“What? Turn it over?”


*flips the page over and reads briefly before nodding*




Hi there!


I’m Raeshlavik, ‘Raesh’ or ‘Ravik’ for short, and I’m another of the many people working on our Vigil initiative.


You’ll note from my forum signature that I’m one of the two ‘consuls’ for Vigil and I live in the S-9 department. For the curious, our consul rank is derived from our patterning of ancient Rome for a lot of guild flavor. The Roman Consul was one of the two chief magistrates who jointly ruled the republic you see, and between Imperious and I that fits pretty well.


The S-9 designation also follows our guild layout, wherein S-9 is the media and message tasking; twitter, forum stuff, graphic design, a lot of the roleplay stuff like guild back-story and political interactions, and other such things are my department. So this early in the development cycle of both Vigil and Crowfall you’ll mostly see me running around various forums and such.


So, about me… I’ll just paraphrase my profile from the forums here:


I’m the CIO for an outsource software QA firm by day, and a mad inventor of fantasy and science fiction settings by night. I’m also ex-Navy, specifically submarines, and my tour of duty involved the building, launching, and commissioning of SSBN 735, the USS Pennsylvania – making me a plankowner of the largest, most powerful US submarine built to date.


I got my first box-set of D&D in 1977 and have been an incorrigible role-player ever since. This has led to a life-long fascination with realms of the imagination and eventually led to my 20-ish years and counting in the Interactive Entertainment industry. Over the years I've worked in some capacity on more game titles than I care to mention, published two roleplay settings of no real consequence, and have led literally thousands of people through various fantastic realms of the imagination both in-person and online.


For me, video games offer the opportunity to invite someone into a living, breathing version of someone else's imaginary world; a chance to see inside someone else’s head if you will. And when MMOs like Ultima Online became a reality that offer was extended to thousands of people at once; but building a full-on MMO requires a herculean effort by dozens of specialists over years of time, so it’s virtually impossible for one guy with a great idea to build one. This means the medium is limited to a few dozen content producers for millions of content consumers.


The 'Holy Grail' for me has always been an MMO where I can create some or all of the content within a defined, uniform game system accessible by thousands of people at once.


Until Crowfall's "Eternal Kingdoms" idea I was limited to things like Second Life where I build not only fantasy worlds, but the game systems they use as well. Granted, I'm told that what I do in SL is astounding, but SL's downfall is its flexibility: you cannot hold the players to a rule system very easily because SL exists to not place boundaries on players. Everyone can fly, everyone can wall-hack, everyone can cam through solid objects, and everyone can teleport anywhere… So it’s hard to build a sense of discovery when everyone can just skip to the denouement whenever they feel like it.


That and anyone can be anything at any time, so you perpetually have to deal with ‘that guy’ who wants to be a 40-foot robot in the middle of your high-fantasy setting…


So with Crowfall I've found that potential Holy Grail of a uniform game system accessible by thousands that also has the ability to bend a bit of it to my will. And that's why I'm here.


And that leads me to Vigil and what I am doing this for…


Vigil is at once the organizational framework for hundreds of people to achieve goals in Crowfall, and also the canvas I will be using to illustrate my imaginary world. The back-story for the Selentine Empire has its basis in my tabletop and convention games going back many, many years and contains dozens of characters with rich tapestries of wants, needs, and desires I can use as something akin to NPCs. I plan to use all of this to generate a depth of raison d'être for Vigil that gives a defined sense of place within the Crowfall milieu. This in turn gives guild members a complex and varied tapestry as a background for their activities – should they desire such a thing.


For me, PvP is all well and good, but it’s even better when there’s a reason for it, and it is the reasons behind the conflict that can take PvP from a simple cage-match to a sweeping Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings epic. It’s certainly fun to scrap with other guilds on the field of battle, but when that is backed up with political goals and social currency it’s even better!


It is for these reasons that the “EK” for Vigil will offer a meta-level guild versus guild environment with select PvP enabled areas.


(Please note that the following are dependent on certain rules and controls for the EK that are not finalized yet… But we will have things similar to this in as much capacity as possible)


Within Vigil there will be loyalists belonging to at least two pro-empire factions (the nobility and the military), of course, but there will also be varied seditionists looking to overthrow the monarchy; shadowy figures operating in the background to attempt to take over the Empire. This means it will be entirely possible to assassinate NPCs and players for political gains – in certain areas.


The complexity for the players is figuring out who is on what side, as it will not be obvious until you gain certain trusts with them. And along with this, players will not know who is spying on whom and saying the wrong thing in the vicinity of the right ears could result in bloodshed. ;)


On top of this there are the threats from without to contend with too; other guilds may decide to get in on this as well and attempt to topple the Empire for fame and fortune. And we’re all for some good old-fashioned GvG warfare!


But all of the above is generally relegated to the EK. When on campaign, where things are a bit more heated and actual line battles are being fought and people are relying on each other to stay alive, the focus is on achieving the win scenario and all of Vigil are on the same team and the same page.


So we will offer solutions for many playstyles:

  • If you want to live in a safe-zone and just craft, or just take a break from looking over your shoulder for a bit – welcome to the city surrounding the palace proper, which will be a non-PvP area.
  • If you like the idea of more role-based PvP with lots of skullduggery and political maneuvering, hang out in the palace for a bit – but make sure you test that wine before you drink it as this is an EK-rules based PvP area. Other guilds wishing to participate will be flagged accordingly for the duration of their involvement.
  • If you just like shoveling bodies into dumpsters, head out to the Dying Worlds with the Legion and help support the Empire’s efforts on foreign fronts against all enemies.
  • If you’re a gatherer or crafter and want to reap the rewards of campaign experience, you are more than welcome to enlist with the Legion and head out to see the cosmos as well.

And players are free to move around these layers as they feel the inclination to do so.


We can offer this sort of layered game approach specifically because Vigil’s administration is very well versed in this sort of gameplay, the EKs offer a fine level of control over the rules per area, and because player skills are time-based. A player can spend their entire Crowfall ‘career’ engaged in palace political maneuvering and back-stabbing, and accrue skills the same as if they were rinsing and repeating the campaign worlds or just happily crafting away on work orders from S-4.


So there is no ‘down side’ to playing the game however you like, and our job as administration is to offer as many meaningful results for those varied playstyles as possible.


And at 1500 words, I should draw this introduction to a close!


Thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions, just drop me a PM either here or on the Vigil forums (click my sig)!

Edited by raeshlavik

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My turn. :)


My name is Aurkae. I graduated from college last year with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, top 5% of my class. I am currently in the process of being recruited for the local police department.


I first dipped in to MMOs in 2004, Final Fantasy XI to be specific. I was a very casual player, and held only a small group of core friends close as we went on little adventures and shenanigans. We moved on to World of Warcraft when it was released, and the adventures and shenanigans didn't stop. This is where I got a taste of large scale PvE, 40 people working as a cog in a larger machine. This level of teamwork greatly appealed to me, and while I did not touch in to PvP very much, this is where I found my satisfaction in the game. It wasn't until a few years later that I returned before Pandaria and PUG'd battlegrounds all day that I found my competitive spirit. Currently, I play a lot of solo queue Overwatch in the competitive scene.


I tried many other MMOs, but they did not really stick as much as FFXI and WoW did. I've stuck my toes in to Horizons (now Istaria), Guild Wars 1, Age of Conan, ESO, and FFXIV, but it did not keep my attention long. I have a allergy to repetitive "grinding", which is often required in most games before you can get to the core game. ArcheAge is perhaps the only other MMO that I have made max level in because I found great love in naval PvP.


Somewhere along the timeline, I ran in to Agent Bookfort, Raeshlavik, Imperious, and the other staff members in a game called Second Life, where I jumped in to roleplaying, a relatively new experience for me before I met them. It was here where I became involved in their projects as a moderator, dealing with disputes, and so forth. Crowfall will be my first leadership position in an MMO, and I'm excited to be a part of what Raesh and Imperious are planning. They aren't just people with big ideas and nothing else. They have the experience and drive to turn their vision in to fruition.

Edited by Aurkae


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Good morning!


In accordance with our introduction goals, Vigil has reached the stage of development in which we are starting active open recruitment. We are always looking for new faces to join us, and would be happy to have you along! If structure and a mature atmosphere appeal to you, we would love it if you would take a moment to swing on by and give us a look.


Vigil Application Process


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