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Heaven and Earth (Updated with Website)


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Heaven and Earth





For many years we have witnessed guilds rise and fall, crumble, and decay. In many cases the collapse of a guild was the result of overbearing policy, miserable members, and elitism. The negativity pumped into the guilds over time had created a cesspool of grief and anxiety. The guilds claiming to be elite or aspiring to be great through harsh requirements, tryouts, and stiff rules have historically become their own worst enemy.
We don’t believe in placing requirements on your time, forcing you to adhere to stringent rules, or expecting you to meet deadlines. All that we ask is that you have fun. We believe that you will be more dedicated, more involved, and even happier in an environment where you don’t feel pressured and stressed out. That is why we created Heaven and Earth.
Heaven and Earth is different from other PVP guilds in a lot of ways but believes it can overcome the faults of the past through teamwork and unity. We do not want you to log into a game and be miserable, or feel like you have to,  we want you to be happy and want to play.  It is our policy to never place requirements on your time, never pressure you to meet ridiculous quotas, or demands, but to bring you into our family. Families stick together through thick and thin, families fight alongside each other until the end, and families prosper. Heaven and Earth is a family first and a guild second.
This doesn’t mean Heaven and Earth won’t seek to succeed or compete. We feel that we will be even more competitive than other guilds due to our structure. When people want to play, when people enjoy something, they perform better.
There are a few things you should know about Heaven and Earth in addition to its structure. We plan to PVP and are looking for people that PVP too. That’s what we enjoy doing. We also need crafters, we need gatherers, and we need more people interested in politics, diplomacy, and more.
All timezones are welcome but we will be playing on US servers. Further, we utilize a communal system for all to benefit. We feel it is more efficient to work together than individually.


What is Heaven and Earth?

  • A family first a guild second
  • Communal system
  • Enjoys PVP


What we are looking for:

  • Friendly and mature players
  • We are recruiting PEOPLE not SKILL
  • Seeking all timezones
  • More family members


What we bring to the table:

  • A relaxed environment to play in
  • People to play with
  • Assets provided by the guild for ALL battles
  • No time requirement


What we want from you:

  • Registering on our Slack and Forums
  • Be in Teamspeak and Slack while in-game
  • Disclosure of past gaming history


If it sounds good to you apply here: http://www.heguild.com

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